Post Office Worker Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: July 18, 2020

A cover letter is your most important tool when applying for a Post Office Worker job. That said, well-written cover letters can be quite a treat for hiring managers who want to read good content about a candidate. Perfection matters here.

Your cover letter needs to show what you have to offer to a company. Mention of your post office skills and competencies is important here.

Find out what an employer needs in this regard, and make sure that you align what you have according to the needs of the employer.

The following sample cover letter for a post office worker resume will help you in this regard.

Post Office Worker Cover Letter Example

Betty Baker
(000) 521-9565
baker @ email

July 18, 2020

Mr. Kenneth White
Human Resource Manager
100 Grey Avenue
New York City, NY 90192

Dear Mr. White:

As a committed and dexterous individual, I am applying for the Post Office Worker position at USPS. I feel confident that the combination of postal training and experience will add value to your operations.

Owing to the fact that I have worked as a post office worker for so many years, I am well-versed in handling the core work associated with it. That includes:

  • Handling, sorting and delivering mail and parcels
  • Selling stamps
  • Processing money orders
  • Weighing and measuring incoming parcels
  • Checking all incoming instruments for safety
  • Ensuring that all outgoing parcels reach their destinations in a timely manner.

Moreover, I am a pro at handling customers’ queries and concerns, ensuring that they are provided with a positive image of the facility. My comprehension of setting postage meters, and calibrating them to ensure correct operations is incomparable. Also, I am exceptionally talented in handling incidents of lost or damaged mail, according to facility protocol.

There is a lot more, and I want to highlight myself as the best candidate for the post office worker position. That’s why I’d like to meet with you or have a telephonic interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Betty Baker
(000) 521-9565

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