Post Office Clerk Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: November 3, 2020

Working as a post office clerk is no issue even if you do not have experience. But skills are very important. That said, you have to ensure that you provide information on your skills in a cover letter when applying for a post office clerk.

If you have had some exposure to working in this capacity before, such as in an internship or volunteer position, you will have no issue telling the hiring manager that you are the best candidate to hire.

However, convincing the hiring manager that you have the skills to be able to work as a post office clerk is not easy.

You really need to make an effort, by highlighting what your abilities in handling incoming and outgoing mail is. You also have to ensure that how you write your cover letter is interesting to read.

The following entry-level cover letter example will give you further ideas.

Sample Cover Letter for Post Office Clerk With No Experience

November 3, 2020

Mr. Solomon Hannibal
Human Resources Manager
Jersey City Post Office
462 Ark Road
Jersey City, NJ 48021

Dear Mr. Hannibal:

I am exceptionally interested in working as a post office clerk at the Jersey City Post Office. I am an organized individual who possesses excellent skills in handling incoming and outgoing mail and can effectively manage large volumes. Right after graduating from high school, I volunteered my services at the local post office and received commendation for my contribution to the work.

Specifically, my skills lie in registering and insuring the mail, and computing mailing costs of letters and packages. I also learned how post office equipment is operated. Now, I am sure that I can handle the full-spectrum of clerical work at a post office. Since I am a quick learner, I make sure that I learn processes rapidly, and can effectively handle more tasks than one at a time.

Moreover, I am a great contender for a post office clerk a Jersey City Post Office due to my ability to handle customer services profoundly. Managing complaints and ensuring that issues such as mail theft and lost mail are properly handled is my forte.

I will remain in touch with your office in order to set up a mutually convenient interview time. Until then, you may call me at (000) 360-0009 if you need additional information regarding my skills and abilities.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for the post office clerk job at Jersey City Post Office.


Tracy Gobbler


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