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Updated on: March 5, 2020
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A linen worker usually works in a hospitality environment where they are required to handle a part of laundry services.

Their resumes need to be written to ensure that the hiring manager considers your application with great interest.

Writing a linen worker resume will require you to determine what qualities an employer is looking for. Then, you will need to ensure that your own experiences and skills are in sync with them.

Particularly, a linen worker should be able to operate commercial washing machines in order to wash and dry linen.

The ability to regulate machine processes, and perform maintenance on them should also be mentioned as an area of expertise.

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Linen worker resume sample ahead:

Linen Worker Resume Example

Christian Owens
98 Dee Road, Keene, NH61388
(000) 647-3153

Accomplished individual, with a solid track record of working as a contributory part of a housekeeping team. Highly skilled in regulating washing machine processes, and sorting articles before cleaning or washing them. Deep knowledge of performing stain removal work, and executing preventative maintenance in assigned machines and equipment.

Linen Examination | Laundering
Machine Operations | Sorting
Article Mending |Washing and Ironing
Preventative Maintenance | Clean Linen Packing
On-time Delivery | Stocking

• Successfully handled 25 loads of linen in a single shift, on a particularly busy workday
• Singlehandedly performed preventative maintenance on all washing machines and dryers, within provided deadline
• Trained 15 linen workers in operating washers and dryers as part of their induction process


Linen Worker
High Inn, Keene,NH | 6/2017 – Present
• Acquire dirty and soiled linen from guest rooms on a daily basis
• Transport linen to the washing area without contaminating anything on the way
• Sort linen out according to color and cloth type
• Operate washing machines by setting timers and dials
• Pour washing and disinfection liquid into washing machines
• Place linen into washing machines for the required time
• Repeat cleaning cycles as and when needed
• Remove clean linen from washing machines and place it in dryers
• Iron and fold linen post washing and drying
• Ensure that clean linen is properly placed in assigned areas
• Issue clean linen to housekeeping staff members
• Create and maintain records of issued linen
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on washing machines and dryers

Housekeeping Aide
Captain’s Lodgings, Keene, NH | 2/2016 – 5/2017
• Cleaned surfaces such as floors and counters
• Collected linen from guest rooms and delivered it to washing areas
• Washed and sanitized bathrooms, by following set protocols
• Made beds, and tidied up guestrooms
• Assisted guests with their queries, and complaints

High School Diploma
Keene High School, Keene, NH – 2015

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