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Updated on: September 28, 2019

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A laundry manager resume should contain specific information about his or her ability to ensure the smooth running of the department or laundromat.


With this in mind, include experience, achievements, skills, and education sections in your resume. All this will help the hiring manager decide in your favor.

Also, you must highlight your ability to lead and mentor staff members, since you will be working in a leadership role.

Here is a resume sample to help you:

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Laundry Manager Resume Sample


Amelia Oliver
412 Laced Road, Denver, CO54002
(000) 999-9999


Uniquely qualified Laundry Manager with exceptional leadership qualities. Over 5 years of experience working in a hotel and laundromat settings. Demonstrated expertise in delivering quality services, and ensuring the smooth running of the laundry department. Ability to motive staff in order to get the best results.

• Improved laundry functions by 50% through effective implementation of core processes
• Reduced complaints by ensuring consistent staff training
• Automated the laundry system, as a result, made it 60% more efficient
• Decreased supplies cost, by bringing onboard a less expensive vendor

• Staff Scheduling
• Equipment Maintenance
• Expense Control
• Budget Management
• Training and Development
• Waste Reduction
• Timely Delivery Assurance
• Inventory Control Laundry
• Records Maintenance
• Complaint Handling


Laundry Manager
The Hyatt, Denver, CO| 2015-present

• Create and implement staff schedules
• Ensure that staff members abide my assigned tasks and schedules
• Assign laundry tasks to worker, and oversee their work
• Hire and train new laundry workers
• Ensure ongoing training of existing staff members
• Ensure that laundry equipment and supplies remain in order
• Perform laundry tasks in compliance with OSHA guidelines
• Oversee budget development and implementation
• Control laundry department financial processing
• Handle guest complaints and concerns in order to retain business
• Conduct periodic communications meeting with staff members
• Evaluate staff members’ work progress, and provide feedback
• Oversee the mixing and use of chemicals used for laundry
• Implement safety procedures, and train staff to abide by them
• Create professional relationships with vendors, aimed at timely obtaining supplies and equipment

Laundry Worker
Prime Guests, Denver, CO | 2012-2015

• Collected laundry such as linen and clothes from guest rooms
• Issued receipts to guests as per protocol
• Delivered soiled laundry to washing areas
• Washed, dried, and ironed laundry
• Folded and packed laundry, making it delivery ready

High School Diploma
St. James’ High School, Denver, CO – 2002

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