Greenhouse Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: October 5, 2018

A greenhouse or nursery worker plants, cultivates and harvests trees, shrubs, and flowers in a greenhouse or nursery setting – both indoor and outdoor.

They make sure that all plants and flowers within the nursery or greenhouse are well looked after, and that any issues such as pest infestations are handled promptly.

Resumes for Greenhouse Worker job are complicated to write if the right information is not obtained.

Finding out what the hiring manager is looking for in an applicant, and creating a customized resume helps.

Here is a format for you to look at:


Greenhouse Worker Resume Example


Alex Cross
56 Water Road, Topeka, KS13576
(000) 999-9999


13+ years’ firsthand experience in aiding the planting and harvesting process. Ability to perform a wide variety of auxiliary activities associated with greenhouse/nursery work. Competent in determining the type of seeds and saplings required for planting trees, flowers, and plants.

• Managed 5 customers at the same time, during a particularly busy day at the greenhouse.
• Devised an organic way of handling pest control, resulting in decreased incidents of infestations.
• Successfully transplanted a 10-foot tree from one place to another, as part of a customer request.
• Trained 30 other greenhouse workers in handling the intricacies of planting, pest control, and harvesting, as part of their induction.


• Planting • Harvesting • Transplanting
• Pest Control • Customer Liaison • Crop Packing
• Chemicals Handling • Quality Evaluation • Fertilizing
• Equipment Use • Preventative Maintenance • Order Filling


Greenhouse Worker
Pleasant Valley Farms, Topeka, KS            2011-present
• Prepare soil for planting different types of greens, and plant them according to specified procedures.
• Ensure that planted trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants are taken care of, by watering them on a regular basis.
• Look through planted items to ensure that they are thriving in their environments.
• Perform pest control activities to ensure that infestations do not arise.
• Harvest plants, trees, and flowers at the right times, and ensure that they are replanted in pots.
• Label all plants to identify their types, typically for customers who are unaware of them.
• Welcome customers as they arrive at the greenhouse, and provide them with assistance in choosing plants and trees.
• Provide customers with information on how to look after purchased plants, and provide tips on pest control.

Greenhouse Aide
Urban Village Farms, Topeka, KS            2005-2011
• Prepared soils in pots or the ground for the planting of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers.
• Assisted in planting greens according to specified procedures, and watered them as instructed.
• Applied chemical solutions to plants to protect them from disease and insects.
• Provided support in harvesting plants, trees, and flowers, and transplanting or potting them.
• Clean greenhouse areas on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept neat and presentable at all times.

High School Diploma
Topeka High School, Topeka, KS