Greenhouse Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 29, 2018

Overview & Guidelines

Writing a cover letter for greenhouse worker job is often an overwhelming task for applicants who are already under a lot of pressure regarding obtaining jobs. Let us make it a little simpler for you.

Remember that the hiring managers want to know what you can professionally do for them, but they also want to know what kind of a person you are. Relax a little when writing a cover letter.

Where cover letters are concerned, the right information makes all the difference. If you are not aware of what the hiring manager wants to read, there is no way that you can write a good cover letter.

Finding out what a prospective employer requires in terms of skills and competencies will help you write a cover letter that he or she wants to read.

A cover letter sample for a greenhouse worker is provided here for reference purposes:


Greenhouse Worker Cover Letter Example


September 29, 2018

Mr. Tyler Seth
Human Resource Manager
Greenworld Farms
652 Bluff Road
Overland Park, KS65801

Dear Mr. Seth:

I am writing to apply for the Greenhouse Worker job, as advertised on With over 6 years of experience of working in a greenhouse worker capacity, I am now an expert at handling a wide range of tasks associated with this work. I am confident that once you have been through my resume (enclosed), you will also agree that I am the perfect person to hire at this position at Greenworld Farms.Possessing excellent comprehension of preparing soils for different types of plants, shrubs, flowers, and bushes, and then making sure that they are planted correctly, is my niche. As a greenhouse worker with such extensive experience, I will be able to streamline the planting and harvesting work at your facility within a few weeks.

Moreover, I am well-versed in handling pest infestation through a self-devised organic pest control system, which was quite a rage at my previous place of employment. Exceptional physical dexterity and inherent love for plants add more weight to my profile.

If you are in the market to hire an individual who possesses exceptional skills in handling greenhouse work, then you may stop your search. I will contact you soon to determine what day and time suit you best for an interview. If you need to get in touch with me in the interim, please call or text me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Sarah Gable

(000) 201-5858