Nursery Plant Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: May 11, 2022
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A resume created for a nursery plant worker position must focus on the individual’s specific experience and skills in this regard.

Typically, such a resume should hold information about the applicant’s ability to plant and care for trees, plants, and flowers in a nursery setting.

At the time of writing a resume for this position, it is imperative to collect the right information.

What piece of information goes under which section (achievements, experience, skills) is important to determine.

Equally important is to ensure that you place information such as your knowledge of harvesting plants and trees, and maintaining work areas.

Nursery Plant Worker Resume Sample

Michael Chopper
44 Atlas Road, Edison, NJ62009
(000) 999-9999


Highly experienced nursery plant worker with exceptional skills in planting and tending to flowers, trees, and plants. Demonstrated expertise in handling fruit grafting work, and handling influx of water and sunlight. Hardworking with the ability to work in extreme temperatures.


  • Harvesting
  • Work Areas Maintenance
  • Fruit Grafting
  • Pest Control
  • Retail Assisting
  • Watering and Irrigation
  • Planting and Cutting
  • Soil Screening
  • Inventory Maintenance

• Implemented a unique greenhouse regulation system, as a result, decreased plant death incidents by 65%.
• Devised a pest control program, hence, reducing infestation by 50%.
• Introduced the concept of fruit grafting, thereby, increasing the efficiency of the retail end of the nursery.
• Successfully implemented an inventory maintenance system, replacing the old inefficient one.


Nursery Plant Worker
Summer Winds Nursery, Edison, NJ
• Plant seeds and seedlings, and ensure that they are properly nurtured
• Apply the chemical solution to plants to keep them pest-free
• Harvest plants, and transplant or pot them following set instructions
• Cut, roll, and stack sod, and screen soil
• Fill tanks with water, and ensure that plants receive sufficient sunlight
• Label plants once harvested and prepare them for sale

Plant Worker
Arus Nursery, Edison, NJ
• Cleaned work areas by removing debris and hazardous materials
• Dug holes for seeds and seedlings to be planted
• Inspected plants and flowers to determine problems such as infestations
• Assisted in operating tractors and other machinery to fertilize nursery land
• Regulated greenhouse conditions
• Performed preventative maintenance on equipment and tools

High School Diploma
Edison High School, Edison, NJ – 2009

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