Greenhouse Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 28, 2018

• Take orders to determine which plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers need to be planted.

• Prepare soil to meet the requirements of each planting job individually.

• Plant bulbs, seeds, and cuttings, and transplant seedlings and rooted cuttings according to set procedures.

• Spray planted trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants with pesticides to ensure that infestations do not transpire.

• Handle the positioning and regulation of sprinkler and irrigation systems to ensure that proper watering takes place.

• Dig, cut, and transplant trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers, to make them ready for sale.

• Ensure that the nursery/greenhouse area is kept neat and clean at all times.

• Greet customers as they arrive at the nursery/greenhouse, and engage them in conversation to determine their specific requirements.

• Provide suggestions to customers regarding the purchase of plants, trees, and flowers, and ensure that they are educated about replanting procedures.

• Process customers’ purchases, and assist them in placing/loading bought plants and trees into awaiting vehicles.

• Maintain inventory of seeds, and planted greens, and create and maintain positive relationships with vendors to ensure timely deliveries.

Greenhouse Worker Qualifications

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a greenhouse worker.

Previous apprenticeship or experience in this regard will go a long way in making you an excellent person to hire at this position.

Since greenhouse workers often have to work in inclement weather conditions, it is essential if you possess the ability to handle extreme weather. Knowledge of different types of plants, trees, and flowers will help you with planting and harvesting them properly.

In this role, it is also crucial that you know how to handle tools and equipment related to this work, which may even include tractors for use at bigger nurseries. In addition to this, your customer service skills must be excellent as you will be communicating with customers on a daily basis and providing them with assistance in deciding which plants or flowers to buy, to meet their specific purposes.