Software Installer Resume Sample

Updated on: March 6, 2019

The reason that hiring managers place so much focus on resumes is that they hold a lot of valuable information.

To see how you can structure your information in a Software Installer resume, take a look at the following sample:




Software Installer Resume Example



Ryan Holding
67 Bloom Road, Ames, IA19034
(000) 999-9999


8+ years’ years of experience in installing and updating software, and ensuring that systems are kept free of viruses and malware. Skilled in providing users with assistance in comprehending and using applications, and resolving issues. Ability to determine users’ requirements for software installation, and choose the right type of software to meet the specific needs of each user.

• Successfully installed the latest version of Windows on all 100 computers within the company, in the provided deadlines.
• Saved the network from a potentially harmful malware attack, by recognizing early signs, and taking immediate action.
• Trained over 200 users in handling the company software, as part of a transition process.
• Troubleshoot a particularly tricky software problem, which had been in limbo for six days.


– Installations – Updates – Virus Control
– Troubleshooting – Documentation – Logs Maintenance
– Acceptance Testing – User Training – Systems Operation
– Information Analysis – Equipment Maintenance – Database Development


Software Installer
Thorlabs, Ames, IA            2013-present
• Study work orders to determine software installation needs, and their location/department within the office.
• Study system requirements for each software, and ensure that they are on par with what is required.
• Confer with users to determine their specific needs for the use of software, and suggest options.
• Install software on standalone computers and laptops, and configure it appropriately.
• Check or test the software to ensure that it works well, and in accordance with the needs of the user.
• Train users to make good use of installed software, and provide them with information on handling complex systems.
• Ensure that the latest versions of antivirus and anti-malware software have been installed on all computers.
• Create and maintain strong relationships with software vendors to ensure prompt delivery of software.

Software Installation Aide
Bloomington Inc., Ames, IA               2011-2013
• Assisted software installers in determining the right software for each user according to specified requirements.
• Ensured that systems requirements for each software were determined and communicated to the installer.
• Provided support in investigating and resolving issues related to configuration and installation.
• Troubleshoot software problems that may translate into downtime, and fixed them immediately.
• Ensured that all software was properly stored on disks and that any disk damage was communicated to the installer immediately.

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science
Ames Technical School, Ames, IA – 2009

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