Glass Installer Resume Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: January 2, 2021

There are many ways in which we can write the perfect resume to apply for a glass installer position. But one has to really work on getting information together and placing it in the right format.

What type of information should be included in a glass installer resume?

Well, you have to convince the hiring manager that you are the best out of the candidate pool. You can do that by adding your knowledge of selecting the right type of glass and installing it without complications.

It is important to realize that resume content for this position has to be spot on with the employer’s requirements. Here is a sample to help you out:

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Sample Resume for Glass Installer Position

Chris Evans
466 New City Road, Dayton, OH40021
(000) 999-9999



  • 7+ years of experience in selecting and installing glass in different projects.
  • Successfully installed glass for 3 projects side by side, without compromising quality.
  • Implemented a quality control system, as a result, complaints decreased by 65%.
  • Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, hence, reduced breakdown incidents by 50%.
  • Trained 35 apprentices in performing glass cutting and shaping work, as part of their induction into the team.


  • Glass Selection & Installation
  • Vendor Relations
  • Inventory Handling
  • Buffing, Cutting, and Shaping
  • Window Assembly
  • Fabrication
  • Tools and Equipment Use


Glass Installer| 2015 – Present
Smartview, Dayton, OH

  • Confer with customers in order to determine their glass installation requirements.
  • Provide customers with information on available glass types and prices.
  • Inspect premises to determine glass type and quantity requirements.
  • Create cost estimates, and obtain approvals.
  • Contact vendors in order to obtain required glass sheets.
  • Cut and shape glass sheets according to requirements.
  • Place glass into sashes and frames.
  • Ensure that glass is properly fit.
  • Perform buffing and finishing work on the installed glass.
  • Clean and maintain tools and equipment, and store them in a safe place.

Glass Installer Assistant| 2012 – 2015
Glass America, Dayton, OH

  • Transported glass sheets from storage areas to work areas.
  • Cleaned work areas in order to make them ready for processes.
  • Assisted in cutting and shaping glass blocks to fit customers’ needs.
  • Held glass sheets during buffing and shaping processes.
  • Performed preventative and regular maintenance on tools and equipment.

High School Diploma
Dayton High School, Dayton, OH

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