Glass Cutter Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: September 15, 2019

Glass Cutter Resume Page ImageIf you are applying for a glass cutter position, you will require you to write a resume that tells the hiring manager how skilled you are for the position.

Specifically, highlight your experience, skills, and achievements in a glass cutter resume.


You must make sure that the resume explicitly provides information about your knowledge of the work in all its entirety.

Collecting information for your resume is stage 1.

Then, you must ensure that it is properly distributed within a good format.

Here is an example that you can go through:


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Glass Cutter Resume Sample


Denver Rolland
154 Crate Road, Cody, WY 31252
(000) 965-8654


Precise and driven Glass Cutter and Technician with a perfect track record in glass cutting and ensuring that the right dimensions are followed. Unmatched ability to cut glass in accordance with set patterns and instructions.

• Singlehandedly processed a huge piece of glass within the assigned deadline of 3 days.
• Introduced belt sanders; as a result, decreased finishing process time by 65%.
• Implemented a pattern position system, hence, increased efficiency by 50%.
• Trained 32 apprentices to work as glass cutters, as part of their induction process.


• Dimensions Determination
• Template Use
• Tools Handling and Use
• Cutting Facilitation
• Outline Tracing
• Grinding and Polishing
• Assembly
• Mirrored Surfaces Processing
• Sheet Measurement
• Quality Checking
• Pattern Positioning
• Belt Sander Operations


Glass Cutter
Gregory’s Glass Services, Cody, WY | 2016-present

• Engage customers in conversation in order to determine their glass cutting requirements
• Provide cost estimates for products and services, in accordance with customers’ budgets
• Obtain items such as glass sheets and paints, in order to begin work
• Cut glass and mirrors to size, and used patterns where instructed
• Position pattern on glass and mark cutting lines
• Scribe around patterns making good use of tools
• Have the final glass product approved from the customer
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on tools and equipment
• Ensure proper finishing by implementing polishing and smoothing procedures

Glass Technician
The Glass Point, Cody, WY | 2013-2016

• Gathered tools and equipment required for each job
• Assisted glass cutters in cutting glass and mirrors in accordance with set parameters
• Held glass or mirror straight while it was being cut
• Ensured that sharp edges are properly buffed so as to make the end item of good quality
• Packed processed glass or mirror in materials such as plastic or paper

High School Diploma
St. Anthony’s High School, Cody, WY

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