Cabinet Installer Resume: Sample, Job Description, Skills

Updated: March 15, 2023

A cabinet installer does more than simply install cabinets made out of wood or plastic.

He or she is also responsible for choosing the right materials and supplies, and putting them all together to make cabinets according to the instructions and designs provided by customers.

Working as a cabinet installer is no easy feat. There are many challenges that you have to overcome such as working in extreme weather conditions and spending long hours bending, stooping, or stretching.

The following cabinet installer resume example will help you write a great resume to apply for your next job.

Sample Resume for Cabinet Installer Position

Van Eldered
West Paducah, KY
(000) 210-7454
[Email Address Here]


✓ Passionate cabinet installer with 11+ years of experience in assembling parts and making and installing cabinets.
✓ Able to determine materials and supplies requirements and create cost estimates to meet customers’ budget limitations.
✓ Quality-focused with exceptional attention to detail and the ability to work diligently and professionally.
✓ Demonstrated ability to determine customers’ requirements and provide plausible solutions.
✓ Proficient in selecting and acquiring materials based on the quality and quantity requirements of customers.
✓ Deeply familiar with utilizing blueprints and onsite measurements to appropriately size cabinets.
✓ Well-versed in fabricating and constructing cabinets and cabinet chains according to specified work orders.

✓ Cabinet Designing ✓ Blueprints Comprehension
✓ Buffing and Finishing ✓ Furniture Modification
✓ Defects Inspection ✓ Reinstalling and Repair
✓ Tools Maintenance ✓ Safety Protocols
✓ Component Trimming ✓ Painting Support


  • Successfully constructed 3 series of cabinets for an office project, within the short deadline of 6 days.
  • Introduced a buffing procedure that reduced finishing procedure time by 50%.
  • Singlehandedly designed and constructed a large refrigerator cabinet from scratch, based on which other cabinet makers created their own.
  • Trained 16 apprentices in the art of cabinet making and installation, as a primary trainer.


Cabinet Installer
Huntwood Industries, West Paducah, KY
6/2014 – Present
• Meet customers to determine their cabinet-making requirements.
• Inspect areas where cabinets need to be installed and provide feedback regarding possibilities and limitations.
• Create cost and time estimates and share them with customers to obtain their approvals.
• Gather/acquire materials and supplies for cabinet-making projects and ensure that they are properly stored when not in use.
• Cut and shape wood, planks, and plastic to construct cabinets according to approved designs.
• Measure installation areas and ensure that cabinets are built according to them.
• Use tools and materials such as hammers, saws, glue, and nails to construct cabinets.
• Install cabinets in designated areas after ensuring that they are appropriately buffed and finished.

Cabinet Kings, West Paducah, KY
2/2012 – 6/2014
• Cleared workspaces while ensuring that all hazardous materials were removed.
• Provided support for measuring spaces and materials to expedite cabinet-making procedures.
• Nailed and glued pieces of wood and plastic to construct cabinets according to specified instructions.
• Ensured that all tools and equipment were properly cleaned and maintained and placed in safe storage areas.
• Assisted in buffing and finishing installed cabinets and provided assistance in repairing and maintaining old furniture.

High School Diploma
West Paducah High School, West Paducah, KY

• Current driver’s license with a clean driving record
• Bilingual: English/Spanish
• Computer: Cabinetmaking software

Cabinet Installer Job Description for Resume

  • Confer with customers to determine their specific cabinet-making and installation requirements.
  • Provide customers with information about appropriate materials for their cabinets, depending on where they need to be installed.
  • Create cost and time estimates for each cabinet-making and installing project and have them approved by customers.
  • Acquire materials and supplies such as wood, planks, plastic sheets, nails, and glue according to established requirements.
  • Ensure that tools and equipment of the trade such as hammers and saws are available.
  • Shape and cut wood and other materials according to size specifications and ensure that they are buffed properly.
  • Put planks together according to established plans and ensure that they are properly fixed together with glue or nails.
  • Position cabinets appropriately and hook them in place according to specified installation procedures
  • Ensure that the installed cabinet is safely placed and address any issues such as symmetry and placement.
  • Buff and polish installed cabinets to ensure that they look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Uninstall and repair old cabinets according to customers’ instructions and ensure that they are properly and safely reinstalled.
  • Clear workspaces where cabinets need to be installed and ensure that they are cleaned properly.

Cabinet Installer Skills for Resume

  • Determining customers’ cabinet-making and installation requirements
  • Constructing and installing cabinets
  • Making cost and materials estimates
  • Setting up and operating woodworking machines
  • Studying blueprints and designs
  • Planning the sequence of cutting and shaping operations
  • Marking exact and accurate outlines of parts on lumber stock
  • Trimming parts to ensure snug fits with the help of planes and chisels
  • Gluing, fitting, and clamping parts of and subassemblies together to form complete units
  • Determining the size and depth of space where cabinets need to be installed
  • Cutting and fitting glass into cabinet frames
  • Performing polishing and buffing work on installed cabinets
  • Repairing cabinets by safely using carpenter’s tools and woodworking machines

Required Education and Training

A high school diploma or a GED is considered sufficient to work as a cabinet installer. However, you have to have an apprenticeship to your name before you can be considered a good choice to hire.

Most of the training for this work is provided on the job (in the form of an apprenticeship), and it is up to you to make the best of it and learn as much as you can so that you can pick up jobs that will pay you well.