An ideal cover letter for glazier position must be divided into three paragraphs. Each paragraph has its own purpose and importance. The first and last paragraphs are your impression building tools. Use them accordingly. Try to come up with creative starters and action calling closings. The first paragraph must be engaging so it encourages the employer to read on. The last paragraph must be persuasive, radiating urgency, leading the employer to call you immediately.

The main body or the middle paragraph is generally meant to highlight your relevant competencies. Employers prefer to see objectively formatted skills in this section. The comparison format has gained a lot of popularity during the past year. This format helps in providing a quick snapshot of one’s potential against the job requirements.


Glazier Cover Letter Sample


Alexis Payton

5433 Watson Drive ● Gardena, CA 76414
(008) 666-7777 ● email

March 14, 2014

Mr. Stephen Levi
HR Manager
ABC Aluminium Corporation
877 Violet Ave
Gardena, CA 76005


Dear Mr. Levi:

Going through the job description for Glazier position currently available at ABC Aluminium Corporation, I am feeling that the position has my name on it. I have completed a number of projects in glass during the last 5 years. With experience working with glass, wood and various metal alloys, and Aluminium, I could bring great expertise to your company.

Following is a depiction of synchronization among my skills and demands of the position:

✔ Familiar with progressive glass cutting, fabricating and shaping methods
✔ Proven ability to load, unload and carry glass and mirror safely via usage of suction equipment
✔ Demonstrated skills in neat and aesthetic glass fittings and repair
✔ Adept at glass repairing and replacing amidst automatic aluminum doors

My resume is enclosed for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you personally and discuss the specific needs of this job in relation to my ability to meet the same. I intend to call your assistant next week to see what date and time is suitable for you to have an interview with me. Meanwhile, I am reachable at the above numbers should you require any information regarding my credentials.

Thank you for your time.



Alexis Payton

Encl. Resume