Food Preparer Resume Sample and Template

Updated: September 23, 2021

Food Preparers or Food Service Workers are responsible for preparing a range of food products.  

They help cooks and other kitchen workers with making and serving food to guests. Also, they run dishwashers, stock shelves and refrigerators, take care of salad bars and buffets and remove garbage.

A food preparer should be able to organize beverages, salad dressings, and other sauces, pack takeaway foods, weigh ingredients, store foods, and notify supervisors about equipment faults or fewer supplies.

The following Food Preparer Resume Sample will give you a better idea of how to build your resume for a food preparer position. 

This sample is helpful for all career levels; whether you are experienced, just entering the job market, or changing your field, you can find this food preparer resume sample the best of its kind.

Sample Resume for Food Preparer Position

Alina Smith
58 5th Street, Manhattan, NY 12877
Contact #
Email Address


Driven and detail-oriented food preparer with over six years’ hands-on experience in preparing a variety of foods. Highly skilled in operating kitchen utensils and equipment for food cooking, serving, and storing. Thorough knowledge of proper food handling techniques. Known for giving timely assistance to the chef.

• Good Communication Skills
• Excellent attention to detail
• Ability to take and follow instructions accurately
• Customer Service


Food Preparer
Mount Sinai Medical Center – Manhattan, NY   
• Prepare food items following recipes and product directions
• Arrange appropriate equipment for cooking
• Serve food to patrons
• Receive food and beverage product and supplies
• Clean and sanitized workplace and equipment
• Transfer supplies and equipment between storage and work areas
• Ensure that correct food handling procedures are followed

Food Preparer
City Medical Center – Manhattan, NY   
• Arranged supplies and equipment between storage and work areas
• Received food and beverage products
• Maintained inventory
• Followed standardized recipes for all menu items
• Performed all other responsibilities as directed by the management

High School Diploma
Manhattan High School, Manhattan, NY

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