Food Expeditor Resume Sample

Updated on June 7, 2019

Working as a food expeditor is a lot of responsibility.

Through your resume, it is essential to show that you are ready to take it on.


Before writing a resume for a food expeditor position, you have to ensure that you have all the information required for it.

For instance, your experience in handling follow-up, and food expediting skills must be highlighted.

Here is a resume sample for a food expeditor position that you can look through to get an idea:



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Food Expeditor Resume Sample


Gregory Mason
45 7th Street, Yonkers, NY54766
(000) 965-8545


Food Expeditor, with 11 years of extensive experience in following up with food orders, in order to deliver them on time. Exceptionally well-versed in acting as an intermediate between patrons and kitchen staff members. Competent in ensuring the correct delivery of foods to patrons’ tables.


– Order Fulfilment
– Task Prioritization
– Final Preparation
– Temperature Checking
– Quality Maintenance
– Complaints Handling
– Fast Service Delivery
– Food Garnishing
– Sanitization
– Order Flow
– Portion Control
– Presentation Standards


  • Successfully handled 300 orders during one shift, as a result, received accolades from the management.
  • Implemented a unique food delivery system, as a result, decreased timeline by 50%.
  • Introduced a temperature checking system, hence, increased accuracy by 65%.
  • Trained 30 other food expeditors, to be stationed in 10 other branches of the restaurant.


Food Expeditor
Gen Korean Barbecue, Yonkers, NY | 2014-present

  • Obtain order sheets from wait staff, and check customers’ orders
  • Oversee the preparation of food items, ensuring that they are expedited as much as possible
  • Assist kitchen staff in preparing items, in order to ensure timely delivery to patrons
  • Check cooked or prepared dishes to make sure that they are according to standard
  • Add garnishing and finishing touches to prepared meals
  • Check portions, and ensure that special instructions have been adhered to
  • Deliver dishes to the wait staff, in a timely and accurate manner

Kitchen Helper
Paradise Lounge, Yonkers, NY | 2008-2014

  • Chopped, sliced, and cubed meats and cheeses according to provided instructions
  • Prepared food items such as sandwiches and salads
  • Assisted in cleaning and maintaining work areas
  • Performed preventative and regular maintenance on grills, fryers, and ovens
  • Handled garbage disposal tasks

High School Diploma
Yonkers High School, Yonkers, NY

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