Meat Preparer Job Description

Updated on: April 2, 2018

The job of a meat preparer has been around for centuries as the need to prepare and sell meat has been eminent all through. Some meat preparers also double as butchers and are required to butcher animals for meat and then cut the meat into small pieces for selling to customers.

While this job may seem a tad yucky to many people, it is the bread and butter of meat preparers, and they take pride in it. Working in a variety of establishments including their businesses, meat preparers perform many duties. They are trained in boning, trimming and grounding meat according to customers’ requirements and also perform meat packaging duties.

The first and foremost job of a meat preparer is to inspect the meat he is expected to prepare. Once the meat preparer is satisfied that the meat is of good quality, he either decides what time of cuts to manage or follows customers’ orders. Preparing and packaging meat is more of a marketing tactic than anything else like the way that meat is cut, cleaned and packed may be a high selling point as the customer want perfection and hygiene were ready to cook food items are concerned.

The job of a meat preparer does not end at just cutting and preparing meat for selling. They are also expected to perform many auxiliary jobs such as weighing prepared and packaged meats and labeling them for price and weight. Meat preparers also prepare meat by smoking it or grinding it. They are required to handle a lot of equipment and utensils that may help them with their work which may include knives and cutting machines.

When performing a meat preparation procedure, a meat preparer may be expected to possess knowledge of encasing meat in stockinets and hanging slabs. In an establishment where ready to fry or ready to bake meats are sold, meat preparers may also be expected to marinate meat according to recipes that have been provided to them.

Meat Preparer Job Duties & Responsibilities

• Received, unload, and put away product delivery
• Broke down and produced cuts of beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and fish products
• Filled, arranged and merchandised meat display cases
• Cleaned and sanitized equipment and working areas
• Monitored meat case temperatures
• Maintained meat preparation equipment
• Prepared specialty products; sausage, ready-to-cook, and cured meats
• Explained cooking techniques to customers
• Trained and mentored other meat cutters