Food Prep Job Description

Updated on: March 3, 2018

Position Overview

A food preparation worker is usually hired by hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, and academic concerns where their primary duty is to make sure that food preparation duties are according to protocol.

In many instances, they also double as food service workers, allowing them to experience another end of this work.

Educational & Skills Requirements

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a food preparation worker. Of course, if you have had some exposure to working in a kitchen capacity, you may be considered a better choice to hire, than the others who may not have had the same privilege.

Working as a food preparation worker requires one to possess exceptional knowledge of food preparation and serving, along with in-depth familiarity with food hygiene and sanitation. Not everyone can do this work and enjoy it – since one often has to face environments that are not too conducive to comfort, it is imperative to love this work before you apply for a job as a food preparation worker.

Many food preparation workers may sometimes be asked to cook simple dishes – if you have a love for cooking, this is a great place to start.

What exactly will you be doing in this role?

Here is a list of job duties that are particular to the position of a food preparation worker:

Food Prep Duties & Responsibilities

• Look through work orders to determine the type and amount of food items that need to be prepared for the day.

• Arrange for vegetables, meats and fruits to be made available, and perform cutting, chopping, slicing and cubing activities to prepare them.

• Marinate meats according to set recipes and ensure that they are properly stored until it is time for them to be cooked.

• Assist cooks in preparing main dishes by providing support in deciding amount and types of ingredients.

• Prepare food items such as salads, starters, and soups, according to specified recipes.

• Perform garnishing activities, ensuring that orders are sent out aesthetically.

• Check portion sizes, and ensure that any sidelines and extras are sent with each order.

• Assist wait staff in serving requests, particularly during rush hours.

• Ascertain that all food items are appropriately rotated to keep them fresh.

• Check the inventory of food items and supplies, and communicate any low stock situations to the kitchen manager or lead cook.

• Ascertain that all kitchen areas including counters and floors are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

• Perform both preventative and routine maintenance on kitchen equipment such as fridges, ovens, burners, grills and hot plates.