Floorhand Resume Example

Updated December 4, 2016


What is a floorhand resume if it isn’t an amalgamation of skills, experience and accomplishments?

If you leave even one of these out, your resume will he considered as a document that leaves much to be desired.

All information that you believe will help your case along must be placed in a resume.

And the following is what the end result should look like:


Floor Hand Resume Example


Greg Forte

45 77th Street NE | Aberdeen, SD 12356 | (000) 999-5241 | gregfor @ email . com


Performance Summary
Physically fit, dedicated and strong-willed individual with extensive experience in working as a floorhand. Skilled in determining necessary tools for specific rigging jobs, performing general and predictive maintenance, assisting with rig movements, and latching and unlatching tubing and rods by following set standards of safety. Aware of new technologies, with a great ability to work productively in a team environment.


– Service Rig Operations – Predictive Maintenance
– Safety Equipment Management – Troubleshooting and Repair
– Equipment Testing – Stands Tallying
– Elevator Tubing Processes – Gas and Oil Rigs Servicing
– Mud Volume Monitoring – Guy-wire Securing
– Safety Hazards Management – Connections Establishment

• Increased the efficiency of rigging equipment by 45% by carefully and timely performing preventative maintenance on it
• Received an award for being the “most conscientious floorhand” after a series of extra help incidents
• Implemented a rigging tools and equipment inventory system which was deemed 80% more efficient than the one already in place
• Trained 3 newly hired rig hands in working with slips, tongs and elevators in a safe and productive manner


Ensign Ebergy Services, Aberdeen, SD | 5/2012 – Present

• Acquire specific information to determine how rigging work needs to be performed for each project
• Operate draw-works and assess downhole conditions and well pressures
• Lift, remove and install production equipment as specified by the derrick-hand
• Test and monitor equipment by ensuring that appropriate and safe procedures are followed
• Operate tongs, pick up and lay pipes and latch tubing devices in elevators
• Assist in the servicing of gas and oil wells, by transporting rigs and pulling tubing
• Unscrew or tighten pipes upon instructions and dismantle and repair oil field machinery by using hand or motorized tools
• Report any safety hazards or problems to the supervisor in a time-efficient manner

Floor Hand
Successful Rigging, Aberdeen, SD | 2/2007 – 5/2012

• Cleaned up work areas of any debris and hazardous materials in order to make them work-ready
• Assisted in removing or installing well heads and associated equipment
• Operated rod wrenches, tongs and elevators and handled equipment servicing work
• Cleaned up spills and reported any maintenance issues to the supervisor
• Operated mud pumps and modeled, facilitated and day to day rigging operations

High School Diploma – 2005
Aberdeen High School, Aberdeen, SD