Floorhand Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 9, 2022

The fact that you are a communicative individual goes a long way in making your cover letter climb the success ladder.

How you highlight the information in it is what matters the most.

Of course, what you write is essential too but if the information that you are presenting is not all that easy to understand, it kind of defeats the purpose of writing a cover letter.

It is true that cover letters are not what they used to be some years ago. They have evolved in a manner that is sometimes hard to believe.

How can a simple letter to inform an employer about a candidate’s abilities have come this far?

Well, let’s blame it on the competition for now. The fact that there are at least a dozen other people out there who are as competent as you are matters. The evolution of a cover letter was bound to be this fast.

You have to come out on top by making it evident that no one can touch your candidature. If you are a professional individual, it will show in what and how you write your cover letter. If you are anything less, that will show up too.

Looking for a sample cover letter to follow? Here is one:

Floorhand Cover Letter Example

Sam North
859 8th Street
Aberdeen, SD 25110
(000) 874-8585
sam.north1 @ email . com

October 9, 2022

Mr. Gregory Hall
Hiring Manager
Basic Energy Services
41 6th Avenue NE
Aberdeen, SD 54252

Dear Mr. Hall:

Rigorous training, subsequent apprenticeship, and over 4 years of experience working as a floorhand have prepared me exceptionally well to work in a contributory role at Basic Energy Services. I am positive that once you see how diligently I’ve performed my duties as a floor hand at Martin Works Inc. (my present place of employment), you will be convinced that I am indeed the best choice you have to hire.

Here is how I qualify:

• Demonstrated ability to inspect tongs, breakout lines, and snub lines to determine damage or/and excessive wear.
• Highly experienced in performing regular drilling operations including drilling pipes connections and digging ditches and handling mechanical repairs.
• Deep familiarity with handling pipe racking work by manually pushing suspended lengths of pipes as directed.
• Well-versed in performing predictive and regular maintenance work on drilling rigs.

My enthusiasm is palpable as you will find out when we meet in person. To provide you with a more view of my abilities, I will call you soon to arrange a meeting. Until then, I can be contacted at (000) 874-8585.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Sign Here)
Sam North

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