Residence Hall Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated December 4, 2016

Your cover letter reading positive means that the employer will take out time to read the resume to confirm a good first impression. Alternately, employers turn to the resume first and if they like what they see, they may or may not look at the accompanying cover letter. Making your cover letter count for something is important, as it will give the employer a push to read both.

Quality cover letters are those that depict strong personalization, high energy and relevant information. It is no secret that making a good first impression is important when writing a cover letter. Placing focus on the employer rather than yourself is what makes the cover letter an interesting read for the employer. You cannot expect to keep talking about yourself and think that you can make a prospective employer happy. Talking about your features isn’t going to help you win the race – talking about your benefits will. A cover letter that is of the “standout” quality gives you a measure of control. With such a document, you automatically gain the right to call an employer to discuss meeting in person – where you will make the actual impression!

So give it your best shot – you may want to have a look at the following sample for ideas:


Residence Hall Assistant Cover Letter Sample


December 4, 2016

Mr. Ian Binks
Hiring Manager
The College of Business and Education
52 Wall Street
Wilmington, DE 02125


Dear Mr. Binks:

Over the years that I have worked as a residence hall assistance, I have come across many challenging situations that I have successfully managed. One such incident involved saving a resident from potential fatality by intervening into the near-explosive situation that had transpired. Having proven repeatedly that I am an exceptionally good choice to hire as a residence hall assistant, I offer my services to The College of Business and Education.

My presence in a residence hall inspires confidence amongst students / residents, and demands discipline. Some of the major areas that I am exceptionally well-versed in include:

❖ Community Development
❖ Policy Enforcement and Safety
❖ Housing and Operations
❖ Resident Relationships
❖ Leadership and Staff Support
❖ Student Conduct

If you delve deep into my professional profile, you will see that my qualifications to work as a residence hall assistant are at complete parity with your requirements. To further elaborate on this, I will contact you to set a meeting time soon. Until then, please feel free to call me at (777) 777-7777 if you need any additional information.



David Camber

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