Elevator Mechanic Resume Sample

Updated on: August 23, 2018

Position Overview

Elevator mechanics install, repair and maintain elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters. They are highly skilled individuals who are expected to keep elevators in right conditions by managing preventive maintenance as well.

An elevator mechanic looking for a job in this capacity will need to write a resume that best displays is skills in this line of work. Look at the example below to get a better idea.



Sample Resume for an Elevator Mechanic Position


Norbert Roberts

33 Tamarack Lane ● Leemore, CA 74747
(001) 999-9999 ● [Email]

Seeking an Elevator Mechanic position with the RMR Co. utilizing exceptional knowledge of modern elevator building and maintenance technologies to contribute to the company’s vision of quality customer services.

• 6+ years’ experience working as an Elevator Mechanic
• Ability to direct a variety of electronic functions in connection with inspection and adjustment of elevators
• Well versed in interpreting electronic, electrical and mechanical drawings
• Proficient in troubleshooting malfunctions and managing preventive maintenance

• Devised a device that works with electric current to trace and determine elevator faults
• Troubleshooted a particularly problematic malfunction that took seven days and three teams to sort


Elevator Mechanic
Core Mechanics – Leemore, CA     2015-present
• Maintain and repair elevators and escalators
• Troubleshoot and locate malfunctions in pulleys, brakes, motors, and switches
• Disassemble defective parts and perform service cleaning
• Inspect wiring and other connections
• Lubricate bearings to minimize friction
• Replace parts when needed

Elevator Mechanic
Metro-North Railroad, Manhattan, NY       2012-2015
• Used hand and power tools and testing devices
• Diagnosed, and repaired problems with elevator systems
• Troubleshoot electromechanical components
• Installed and maintained ropes and cables
• Complied with all safety regulations and building codes
• Maintained and repaired hydraulic elevator components
• Kept a record of all maintenance and repair work

High School Diploma
Leemore High School, Leemore, CA

• Advanced technical knowhow
• Proven ability to work on a project for a lengthy period
• Demonstrated ability to comprehend safety procedures
• Excellent communication skills
• Able to follow verbal and written instructions