Floor Care Technician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 7, 2023

Floor care technicians are hired across many industries where their prime responsibility to is to provide and maintain a clean and sanitary environment, by ensuring that all floor surfaces are maintained properly.

Essential requirements to work as a floor care technician, include the ability to follow instructions and work with minimal supervision. Also, floor care technicians need to be well-versed in performing proper techniques of floor care and preparations of areas to be cleaned.

It is imperative for floor care technicians to be well-versed in handling trash disposal and deep cleaning procedures effectively. Floor care technicians are not merely cleaners – think of them as a more experienced version of general cleaners. These people are proficient in handling and operating floor buffing, polishing, and stripping duties, along with training other employees in performing cleaning and maintenance procedures on hard surfaces.

One has to possess a high school diploma to work as a floor technician. Many general cleaners are promoted to work as floor care technicians once they have had ample experience handling cleaning and maintenance activities in a certain organization.

So if you have the knowledge of materials and methods used in handling floor care work, and can effectively use equipment and tools to perform this work, you may be interested in the following job duties particular to this position:

Job Description for Floor Care Technician Resume

  • Assess the condition of floors that need to be cared for and devise methods to clean, buff, or refinish them.
  • Perform buffing and refinishing activities to ensure that designated floors are kept shiny and clean.
  • Sweep and mop surfaces in offices, hallways, and stairways to ensure that they are kept in a constant state of cleanliness and maintenance.
  • Perform preventative maintenance checks on all floor care equipment and tools prior to using them.
  • Operate floor care equipment such as automatic scrubbers, floor machines, and dry vacuums.
  • Dust, mop, burnish and refinish floors according to floor maintenance procedures.
  • Provide work direction to workers such as floor care apprentices and general cleaners to ensure that all cleaning and maintenance work is done based on specified standards.
  • Tag equipment and tools for major repair and maintenance and ensure that supervisors are duly informed.
  • Handle inventory management duties by ordering supplies and maintaining adequate supplies of cleaners and equipment.
  • Perform advanced cleaning procedures on carpeted areas and assist in cleaning and sanitizing installed carpets.
  • Handle trash collection and disposal work by following designated trash disposal procedures and protocols.