Disability Support Worker Resume Sample (4 Tips)

Updated on: October 28, 2021

A Disability Support Worker (DSW) resume is primarily used to respond to a job advertisement and to provide prospective employers with information about a candidate.

A typical resume for the Disability Support Worker position contains a candidate’s contact information, employment goals, work history, education, skills, and abilities.

If you can manage to pull all this information in your resume tactfully, there will be good chances of your selection.

How to Write a Great Disability Support Worker Resume?

Due to high competition in the present day’s job market, there is a need to create a modern and updated version of your resume. Here are some tips that will help you build a good resume for a disability support worker position.

  1. Keep your resume concise, i.e., one page is sufficient.
  2. Highlight your main strengths in a manner that they are noticed within the first 10 seconds.
  3. Keep your DSW resume simple and easy to read.
  4. Showcase your unique abilities in the summary since that is your only chance to set your resume apart from others.

Here is a great example to get ideas from:

Disability Support Worker Resume Example

Ellen Young, CNA
88 Lyons Street – Crystal Brook, SA 6667
Contact #, Email


Highly dependable and self-reliant professional with 10+ years’ extensive experience in caring for disabled and elderly clients. Demonstrated ability to assist clients with personal hygiene tasks, including bathing, changing, and cleaning. An ambitious individual who has a solid track record of devising and implementing programs aimed to help disabled patients achieve their individual goals.


• Compassionate care
• MS Office Applications
• Medication administration
• First Aid / CPR
• Courteous demeanor
• Social activities devising
• Personal hygiene
• Daily living skills

• Collaborated with community workers to implement two exciting social activity programs at the facility.
• Issued a sanitation and hygiene manual for the domestic staff.
• Developed and implemented an ingenious electronically supported mechanism to lift and transport clients.
• Introduced an interactive system that assisted patients in communicating and interacting with each other, their families, and the facility’s staff.


Disability Support Worker
AA Rehabilitation, Crystal Brook, SA
2017 – Present
• Devise and implement interactive programs targeted at achieving each patient’s individual needs and goals.
• Perform tasks related to patients’ hygiene and health.
• Assist patients with cooking, serving meals, housekeeping, and shopping activities to ensure a healthy environment.
• Provide CPR when needed.
• Counsel patients psychologically in order to bring about positive attitudes and to ward off depression.
• Assist with physical and mental exercises.

Personal Care Assistant
Cerebral Palsy League, Crystal Brook, SA 
2012 – 2017
• Assisted clients on matters of personal care including; bathing, dressing, eating, and medication.
• Ensured the safe and proper lifting and transferring of clients.
• Assisted individuals to perform a range of housekeeping functions and to develop their level of ability in all aspects of daily life.

A.A. in Humanities
CITY COLLEGE, Crystal Brook, SA – 2007

IV Certificate

• Sound understanding of the disability service sector and legislation
• Able to prepare reports in Word and Excel

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