Disability Support Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 7, 2020

One of the most worrisome times of our lives is when we are preparing for an interview – or even during an interview. There is much apprehension as to what questions we might be asked or how to respond to them.

This fear of the unknown can make us fidgety before an impending interview, which can eventually lead to a messed up one-on-one with a prospective employer.

However, if we are prepared for an interview, we can reduce our fretting to half or even diminish it completely. Preparation is the key to success where interviews are concerned.

The trick is to understand your job description properly and research possible questions that you may be asked during an interview. Easier said than done?

Not really! If you have a good understanding of what a particular position will require you to do, you can rehearse plausible questions that may be asked during an interview.

Let us take the example of a disability support worker who is about to appear for an interview.

What does a disability support worker do? He or she provides personal care to people with disabilities so that they can lead near-normal lives.

The following are some sample interview questions that a disability support worker might be asked during an interview – along with possible answers!

Disability Support Worker Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you feel that you are well equipped to handle the demands that the position of a disability support worker poses?

(An interviewer is looking for personality traits and experience when asking this question)

I am compassionate by nature and never lose my temper. I understand that this position requires a lot of patience, as one is always dealing with stressful situations. I feel well equipped to handle the demands of this position because of my inherent nature to be calm and tactful. By virtue of this, I have treated many adverse situations in this role.

2. Tell us about an incident that tested your mettle as a disability support worker.

(This question may be based on your previous answer or stand alone as a separate one. Either way, it tests your ability to handle difficult situations with patients under your care)

I was assigned to a particularly irate patient with dementia. One day, he got hold of a kitchen knife and threatened to end his life. During the 20 minute ordeal, I talked him into handing me the knife by employing psychological tactics. This was by far the most harrowing time and tested my ability to handle an adverse situation successfully.

3. What role do you think communication and interpersonal skills play in handling patients with disabilities?

Both communication and interpersonal skills play a huge part when handling people with disabilities. Communication is the key to understanding what your ward needs and assisting them with their needs. Lack of interpersonal skills can end up in a horn locking game with wards, which is just not done in this role.

4. What personal traits make you the right candidate for this position?

(Careful! An interviewer is looking for an answer that might be the deciding factor in hiring you! He may want you to reiterate the information that you have provided in the first answer – or even add to it!)

The most important trait that I possess is personal and cultural sensitivity. I know I can handle situations with tact and poise, and my inherent patience goes a long way in making me the right candidate for this role.

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