Disability Support Worker Resume With No Experience

Updated on: July 7, 2020

Starting as a disability support worker may mean great things for your career. If you are thinking of applying for a job as an entry-level candidate, you have to make sure that you write your resume correctly.

This means that you first have to investigate and research what information needs to go into the resume.

First things first – look at the job description for this position.

See how much you know about the work. Then, choose a format that is friendly and easy to read.

Next, put all the information that you have researched into the format, ensuring that it remains true.

Here is a resume sample for a disability support worker with no previous formal experience:

Sample Resume for Disability Support Worker With No Experience

Ben Walker
71 Springs Road, Boston, MA01789
(000) 656-8547


Compassionate individual with an inherent interest in providing support to disabled individuals. Highly skilled in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Ability to work under pressure without any supervision. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Massachusetts State University, Boston, MA – 2020

Academic Accomplishments

  • Attained Best Student of the Year Award 4 times, due to exceptional and consistent academic excellence.
  • Honored for representing the university in 2 disability support programs within the city of Boston.
  • Received high accolades for exceptional contribution to the university library, by donating a large volume of books and periodicals.
  • Directed the activities of 3 university clubs, all of which received national recognition.

– In-home Support
– Community Service
– Independence Promotion
– High Care Levels
– Safety Monitoring
– Communication
– Client Outreach
– Meals Preparation
– Errands Running


Aspire Human Services, Boston, MA | 1/2020 – 5/2020

  • Assisted with personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming, and toileting
  • Provided support with physical and emotional therapy
  • Prepared meals and ensured that clients were fed on time
  • Assisted with mobility
  • Ensured clients’ physical and mental wellbeing at all times
  • Ran errands such as shopping for groceries and paying bills
  • Set up medical appointments, and accompanies clients to appointments and social activities


  • English (Reading, Writing, Speaking)
  • Spanish (Reading, Writing, Speaking)
  • Cantonese (Speaking)


  • Led the city football team for 3 years in a row, with a maximum number of wins under any captain.
  • Head of the team of volunteers working towards the betterment of disabled individuals at a local center.

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