2 Support Worker Resume Examples

Updated on: December 1, 2021

A resume for the Support Worker position summarizes your professional and personal traits relevant to this profession.

More professional but personal characteristics are essential in a support work job as they describe what type of a person and worker you are.

This is one of the main reasons that you need to put in some personal qualities when writing a support worker resume.

The following 2 resume examples, along with this Support Worker Cover Letter, will guide you on how to craft an attractive job application set.

Support Worker Resume Sample 1
Experience: 15 Years

Tonya Hanson
444 Brockwood Road
Henrico, VA 18585
(000) 142-4121
tonyhan @ email . com


Highly motivated and enthusiastic support worker with a strong vision to promote independence, life skills, and informed choices in sync with individual care plans. Proficient in facilitating personal care and promoting effective communication. First-hand experience in assessing the practical and emotional needs of each client and drawing correlating programs.
• Special talent for providing clients with insight into handling budgets and managing money.
• Unmatched ability to counsel clients through problems such as alcohol or drug abuse.
• Demonstrated ability to lead meetings in residential and community centers about issues relevant to a group or groups of clientele.


Support Worker
Glade Run Services, Henrico, VA
(6/2013 – Present)
• Recognize a potentially explosive situation between two family members and intervene before the problem could get out of hand.
• Hold 15 training workshops to assist participants in learning life skills to assist them in leading a meaningful life.
• Assess the practical and emotional needs of clients by listening to their concerns and problems.
• Assist with domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and washing.
• Provide assistance to clients in handling budgeting duties and determining how to spend their money.
• Advise clients of practical issues by providing dedicated counseling services.
• Provide deep therapy services to assist clients in handling drug or alcohol problems.

Support Worker
GTY Care, Henrico, VA
(8/2007 – 6/2013)
• Rehabilitated 58 out of the assigned 60 cases by successfully placing members in “comfort zones” outlined in the master program.
• Created and implemented a needs assessment system that had a 99% success rate in determining clients’ social and emotional needs.
• Arranged resources for each client so that they can become functioning members of society.
• Assisted in developing individual activity plans focused on the special needs of each client.
• Reviewed and evaluated each client’s progress and made adjustments to programs based on findings.
• Promoted good standards for hygiene and health and social skills and independence.

Personal Support Aide
The Disabilities Trust, Henrico, VA
(1/2005 – 8/2007)
• Assisted clients with daily work such as cooking, cleaning, and washing.
• Determined each client’s individual needs for emotional and physical support and assisted in creating correlating plans.
• Encouraged clients to participate in program activities by providing emotional and physical support.
• Provided counseling support and life skills training to each client based on his or her specific condition.
• Monitored clients’ progress, provided feedback, and assisted in tweaking implemented care plans to meet the dynamic needs of each client.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Virginia State University, Henrico, VA

• Needs Assessment
• Life Skills Training
• Data Collection
• Therapy Arrangements
• Communication
• Emergency Handling
• Strategy Development
• Emotional Support

Support Worker Resume Sample 2
Experience: 6+ Years

Ted Roddenberry
23 W Latimer Street, Tulsa, OK 55544
Contact #, Email


To work for OK Metropolitan Health Service as a Support Worker where I can use my skills in a role that provides ample opportunity for assisting people who have trouble maintaining day-to-day personal tasks.

• Over 6 years of experience as a Support Worker
• Self-motivated
• Well developed organizational skills
• Flexible and caring
• Active team member
• Ability to multitask and prioritize responsibilities
• Able to work independently

• Successfully educated ten groups of residents with physical disabilities in order to get them ready to perform specific jobs.
• Introduced a curriculum tailored to individual and particular needs also adopted by other branches.


Support Worker
We Care – Tulsa, OK
May 2019 – Present
• Provide personal and practical care services to elderly clients as well as people with disabilities or illnesses
• Impart knowledge thereby assisting with skills development
• Support individual learning skills
• Provide support to ensure primary health care needs are met
• Ensure emotional and psychological needs are monitored and met appropriately
• Plan, implement and evaluate individual care plans

Personal Support Worker
AA Co – Tulsa, OK
Sep 2015 – May 2019
• Assisted individuals to carry out daily living tasks with the minimum of problems
• Maintained accurate and concise records, diaries, medical forms, and timesheets
• Supported clients with daily tasks such as dressing, undressing, bathing, and toileting
• Changed beds and maintained rooms in tidy condition

City High School, Tulsa, OK – 2004

Final Thought

The support worker’s resume writing process needs to be taken seriously.

After all, all the effort that you put into writing a resume will eventually result in a job!

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