18 Deli Worker Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 12, 2020
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Skills are essential if you want to work as a deli worker. Thus, your resume should highlight the fact that you are a skilled individual, who has the capacity to serve customers properly.

Specifically, your knowledge of ordering and using deli products must be highlighted in your resume’s skills section.

It is important to highlight your skills as a deli worker for several reasons, the main one being employer interest.

A deli worker who understands product rotation and cutting and slicing of meats and cheeses will be given great consideration.

The ability to manage high customer volume and knowledge of observing sanitation and safety procedures should also be mentioned in the skills section.

As a deli worker, your knowledge of stocking and displaying products as per merchandising standards should be highlighted in the skills section of your resume.

Also, your ability to oversee inventory of items should be emphasized.

Some skills statements that you can use on your deli worker resume include:

Deli Worker Skills for Resume

1. Highly experienced in assisting customers to choose the right deli products

2. Knowledge of proactively greeting customers in a friendly and courteous way

3. Able to stock deli products such as meats and cheeses in accordance with protocols

4. Demonstrated expertise in providing prompt services to customers to ensure a positive shopping experience

5. Skilled in performing food rotation tasks in order to ensure product freshness

6. Unmatched ability to perform food preparation tasks, in accordance with company standards

7. Familiar with ensuring that deli cases and salad bars are clean, stocked, and garnished according to protocols

8. In-depth knowledge of preparing and portioning items at the service counter

9. Hands-on experience in helping customers decide which products to buy

10. Competent in weighing products properly, and tagging them with weight and price information

11. Capable of effectively operating meat and cheese slicers

12. Proven ability to perform preventative and regular maintenance on kitchen appliances and equipment

13. Solid track record of efficiently responding to customers’ queries regarding products and services

14. Ability to keep the deli clean and sanitized at all times

15. Exceptionally talented in controlling freshness of products by rotating and coding all products, and removing out of code merchandise

16. Well-versed in overseeing product inventories, and ensuring that low stock situations do not arise

17. Exceptional knowledge of monitoring food volumes throughout the service to ensure that volume needs are met

18. Highly knowledgeable about operating cash registers to process cash and credit card transactions

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