Personal Shopper Cover Letter Sample and Guidance

Updated on: October 23, 2021
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If you are applying for a personal shopper job, you must write a cover letter to convince the hiring manager that your skills are better than the others.

A cover letter written for a personal shopper position needs to hold information about the candidate’s skills in:

  • Picking and choosing the right products
  • Providing information and recommendations to customers
  • Assisting customers in selecting and purchasing items
  • Helping customers through the payment process

In addition, a personal shopper must focus on their ability to work online, as many personal shoppers help customers in choosing products from online stores, and process their orders accordingly.

A cover letter for a personal shopper position is given below to help you in writing your own:

Sample Cover Letter for Personal Shopper Position

Ila Olaf
(000) 119-3373
[email protected]

October 23, 2021

Mr. David Andrews
Human Resources Manager
United Supermarkets
4487 Henry Street
Newark, NJ 22121

Dear Mr. Andrews:

I am a highly experienced retail sales professional, with 4 years of solid personal shopping experience in hand. At this time, I am highly interested in offering my skills and experience as a personal shopper to United Supermarkets, as I feel that my qualifications are exactly what you are looking for.

My experience as a personal shopper is manifold – I possess both online and in-person exposure, which makes me an excellent candidate to hire. As far as skills go, I offer the following:

  • Determining customers’ shopping requirements by reaching out to them, and asking questions.
  • Selecting and purchasing merchandise in accordance with customers’ requirements.
  • Recording and processing mail orders and the merchandise returned for exchange.
  • Handling complaints and issues with purchases, in accordance with company policies.

Over the years that I have worked as a personal shopper, I have polished my skills in a number of areas, including customer service, and aftersales contact. Also, my ability to proactively reach out to customers, and provide them with continuously high-quality services is above par of many.

I am positive that a face-to-face meeting between us will help you understand my qualifications in great detail. I will arrange one soon. You may reach me at (000) 119-337 if you need any further information to process my application.

Thank you so much for taking out time from a busy schedule to consider my application.


Ila Olaf

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