Deli Worker Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: March 12, 2020
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Deli workers are frontend employees who are responsible for providing excellent services to deli customers.

When you apply for this position, you must make sure that your resume emphasizes your skills and experience in this regard.

Your deli worker resume should essentially highlight your knowledge of displaying deli products and making sandwiches and salads in accordance with customers’ requirements.

You must also focus on your experience in working for a busy deli in the past so that the hiring manager can gauge you to be a solid candidate for the position.

The following resume sample will help you in this regard.

Deli Worker Resume Example

Joseph Evans
1354 Hershey Pole Street, Edison, NJ66712
(000) 648-3321

Highly experienced Deli Worker with over 5 years of exposure to working in a busy deli environment. Focused on providing excellent customer services, aimed at repeat business opportunities. Knowledge of making sandwiches and salads, in accordance with customers’ specific requirements.

Slicing and Cubing | Freshness Assurance
Packaging | Food Rotation
Orders Handling | Display Management
Promotion | Food Hygiene
Cash Handling | Sanitizing


Deli Worker
May’s Deli, Edison, NJ
5/2013 – Present

• Offer menus to customers and help them with their orders
• Provide information on available deli products
• Create sandwiches and salads in accordance with customers’ requirements
• Recommend the right meats and cheeses according to customers’ requirements
• Slice, cube, and cut meats and cheeses according to set instructions
• Set up display boxes in an aesthetically pleasing manner
• Ensure that work areas are ready to service customers
• Clean and sanitize surfaces such as counters and floors
• Ensure that all company policies and procedures for health and safety are followed
• Oversee food rotation tasks, to ensure freshness
• Discard expired items according to the protocol
• Oversee inventory of stock and equipment
• Ensure that price tags are properly affixed to packed sandwiches and salads

Key Accomplishments
• Implemented a food rotation system, as a result, reduce food spoilage
• Introduced a leftover food management system, hence, decreased wastage by 25%
• Singlehandedly managed 100+ orders in one day, 3 special events

Retail Sales Associate
Walmart, Edison, NJ
2/2009 – 5/2013

• Greeted customers and directed them to the right shelves and aisles
• Assisted customers in locating and choosing items
• Cleaned shelves, and ensured that items were properly displayed
• Helped customers through payment procedures
• Ensured cleanliness and sanitization of assigned store areas

High School Diploma
Trent High School, Edison, NJ – 2009

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