Best Sample Cover Letter for Cafeteria Worker

Updated June 25, 2020

Cafeteria workers usually work cafeterias of schools, colleges, and hospitals. They perform many food service duties such as preparing and serving food items.

They work under the supervision of a cafeteria manager and are required to manage food items on steam tables and ala carte trays. Some cafeteria workers also backup cooks which is why it is important that they have some background in cooking.

Cafeteria workers may work as full time, career-oriented individuals, or as part-time workers. Many students who want to make extra bucks obtain employment as cafeteria workers.

A cafeteria worker cover letter needs to be reflective of his or her knowledge of the standards that are particular to the foodservice industry.

The following sample cover letter for a cafeteria worker resume will help you understand what to write in a cover letter for this position.

Cafeteria Worker Sample Cover Letter

Myna Hall
333 Grant Avenue, Carmichael, CA 66377
(010) 000-0000

June 25, 2020

Mr. Aiden Mason
Manager of Human Resources
University of California
1992 Brookside Way
Carmichael, CA 11122

Dear Mr. Mason:

Your advertisement for the position of Cafeteria Worker at the University of California piqued my interest. With knowledge of the safety and hygiene requirements for handling food preparation and serving activities, I believe that I can be a significant addition to the university’s cafeteria team. 

Through my work as a cafeteria aide, I got expertise in assisting with the preparation of food and serving students and staff. My supervisors trusted me enough to assign me cash handling duties.

As a connoisseur of food, I am well-versed in preparing food items according to set recipes and mandated nutritional meal requirements. My interest in the foodservice industry has led me to research health food options for university students.

I am enclosing a letter of recommendation and resume for your review and look forward to meeting with you so we can discuss my eligibility for this position.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincere regards,

Myna Hall

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