2 Warehouse Worker Cover Letter Samples With Guidelines

Updated on: June 20, 2020


Before writing a Warehouse Worker Cover Letter, research and familiarize yourself with the prospective organization. Obtain as much information as possible about the position, company, and the hiring person. This research will help you to relate your skills and qualifications to the organization’s requirements.

Emphasize your accomplishments that are pertinent to this position.

Keep away from repeating the information that is already included in your resume.

The following cover letter samples for Warehouse Worker Resume are created in keeping with the latest norms of the industry. 

Feel free to utilize these to make a convincing job application.

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Warehouse Worker Cover Letter Example 1

Jordan Pitt
566 Park Lane | Piscataway, NJ 93234 | (005) 444-3333 | [Email]

June 20, 2020

Mr. Henry Guilford
HR Manager
Cintas Corporation
788 Yorker’s Ave
Piscataway, NJ 93234

Re: Application for Warehouse Worker Position

Dear Mr. Guilford:

I am very much interested in obtaining the Warehouse Worker position at Cintas Corporation and firmly believe that my profile closely matches to your job description.

A brief picture of my candidacy painted for your convenience follows.

  1. Expert in loading and unloading merchandise from trucks while handling the same with care
  2. Familiar with OSHA issued safety guidelines applicable in warehouse settings
  3. Skilled in inventory maintenance and shelf stocking
  4. Class A CDL holder
  5. Remarkable computer skills; able to operate computer-controlled forklifts
  6. Keen attention to detail, ability to read, understand and follow schedules

I also bring a track record of maintaining the assigned shelves in neat and clean order. Extra cautious about appropriate labeling and stocking of material, my inventories have always been up to date and all stock well organized. Being an easy-going person with useful communication skills, I make it fun when it comes to teamwork.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and further explore how I can contribute to the Cintas Warehouse. I will follow-up on my job application next week. You are welcome to call me earlier at (008) 555-4444 to get any queries answered.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincere regards,

Jordan Pitt

Encl. Resume

Warehouse Worker Cover Letter Example 2

58 7th Street
South Point, OH 65521

June 20, 2020

Mr. Alexander La Bale, General Manager
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
654 Some Street
South Point, OH 62214

Dear Mr. Bale:

Leafing through a local newspaper, I come across your advertisement regarding a vacant post of warehouse worker at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Along with my forklift/pallet jack certification and three years of extensive experience in different warehouses of Ohio, I am confident in my ability to become a key worker of your warehouse.

I am a strong candidate for this job because I am highly skilled in moving products in and out of the warehouse and loading and unloading route trucks and semi-trailers – physically or with the help of forklift or pallet jack. I have a demonstrated ability to store stock in the proper area according to established sequences and procedures. Besides, I can document all material transfers, shipments, and movements into a manual register and computer system.

I will be very thankful to you if you provide me with the opportunity to discuss this position in detail. I will be available for a meeting at the time of your convenience and will contact your office next week to follow up. In the meantime, I can be reached at 988-000-0000.

Thank you for your consideration.


Miller Joe

Enclosed Resume

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