Warehouse Worker Job Description Sample

Updated on November 2, 2019
Position Overview

Warehouse Workers work long hours, doing what is probably the most demanding job in a company.

Technically, they are responsible for ensuring that the warehouse is kept clean, tidy, and optimally stocked.


Education, Skills and Knowledge

While there are no formal education requirements to work as a warehouse worker, one must be knowledgeable of:

• Inventory control procedures
• Optimizing space utilization
• Operation and maintenance of warehouse equipment
• Quality control and service standards

It is also essential for warehouse workers to possess excellent communication and time management skills, along with familiarity with modern warehousing practices and methods.

It is also crucial for warehouse workers to be physically agile as they spend a significant part of the day lifting and transporting heavy objects.



Although most warehouse workers are trained on the job, someone who already knows the role is usually given preference.

The ability to stoop, kneel, and crouch is often a prerequisite for this job.

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Warehouse Worker Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist in offloading and loading shipment packages from/onto delivery trucks

• Receive goods and ensure that they correlate to the accompanying delivery documents

• Prepare products to be shipped out along with appropriate paperwork

• Receive work orders from supervisor and assist order pickers in locating items in storage areas

• Sort out items from a variety of delivered packages and make appropriate batches

• Ascertain that received goods are stored in their correct storage areas and per their item and batch numbers

• Take inventory of stored goods – count and record number of items received and sent out

• Label each item according to labeling guides provided by the company

• Retrieve items from storage areas and ensure that they are fitted together / appropriately assembled before being sent out

• Box, pack and wrap picked items according to specific instructions provided by customers

• Prepare necessary documentation such as invoices and delivery orders and ensure that they are sent with all outgoing orders

• Take and fill requests for returning or replacing items

• Restock returned items in their designated storage areas and update inventory information accordingly

• Pack items in specialized packing to be used for promotional programs

• Keep warehouse area clean and sanitized on a constant basis

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