Warehouse Stocker Resume Sample

Updated on: January 17, 2021

Warehouse stockers are required to stock merchandise and products accurately, promptly, and safely throughout the warehouse. In order to get a warehouse stocker job, you will need the following qualifications:

  • Some experience as a warehouse stocker or order picker
  • Good mathematical aptitude
  • Ability to read CAD drawings to properly identify stocked parts
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Self-initiative and dependability
  • Flexibility to work overtime

The first step in your job hunting process is to write a Warehouse Stocker resume. The following example will guide you in this regard.

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Sample Resume for Warehouse Stocker Position

Todd Riley
56 Centennial Road, Bismarck, ND 54619
(000) 145-0129
t.rid @ email . com

Warehouse Stocker

A well-organized, meticulous individual with deep knowledge of warehouse procedures and processes with reference to stocking, pulling, and storing. Proactive leadership skills, combined with a highly developed sense of responsibility.

• Receiving and checking items to determine the location of storage within the warehouse
• Preparing orders by diligently following specific requests
• Maintaining inventory controls and ensuring quality checks on incoming items
• Operating and maintaining warehouse equipment and vehicles such as forklifts

• Introduced the concept of installing pallets in the merchandise checking area that reduced labeling and checking time by 50%
• Saved the company $10,000 in adding additional storage space by reorganizing existing space to accommodate more items
• Reduced paperwork by 50% by converting the reporting process from paper to electronic


Wrigley Field, Bismarck, ND

5/2017 – Present
• Assist in loading and unloading of 10+ delivery trucks per shift
• Compare work orders to ensure that the right quantity of items has been received
• Make arrangements for received goods to be transported to the examination pallet
• Examine each item in each box to ensure that it conforms to quality standards
• Label each box and item according to batch and item number
• Arrange for all received items to be unpacked and transported to designated storage areas
• Ensure that sufficient storage space is available by rearranging existing items
• Place items in designated shelves and ensure that shelves are labeled properly

Warehouse Stocker
Some Warehouse, Bismarck, ND

6/2013 – 5/2017
• Operated forklifts and jack pallets to assist in transporting items
• Pulled orders according to work orders and transported them to delivery pallets
• Checked each item to ensure conformance with standards and work orders
• Prepared items to be delivered to the front end or the customer
• Created reports of all stocking and pulling activity

Bismarck High School, Bismarck, ND | 2008

Quality control | Stocking
Inventory management | Order pulling
Space optimization | Storage handling
Sorting | Records management
Maintenance work | Loss/damage control