Warehouse Stocker Resume Sample

Updated on July 25, 2015

The resume building saga can be quite annoying at times. A million pieces of advice come our way and we realize that none of them can be followed easily. But ease is not a luxury where warehouse stocker resume writing is concerned. The fact that you have put in so much effort in writing a resume is what will make the employer want to rush to hire you. Looking past the ease is what we have to do right now.

Resume building takes hours – that is, if you really delve into the process. Sometimes, we might have to mull over a section for days, trying to figure out how to make it seem authentic. All this is important for the big picture that you want to present to the person who will be deciding your employment future.

Let’s move on to a resume sample for warehouse stocker position:


Warehouse Stocker Resume Sample


Todd Riley

56 Centennial Road ● Bismarck, ND 54619 ● (000) 145-0129 ● t.rid @ email . com

Warehouse Stocker

Performance Profile: Well-organized, meticulous individual with deep knowledge of warehouse procedures and processes with reference to stocking, pulling and storing. Proactive leadership skills, combined with a highly developed sense of responsibility.

• Demonstrated expertise in receiving and checking items to determine location of storage within the warehouse
• Well-versed in preparing orders by diligently following specific requests
• Adept at maintaining inventory controls and ensuring quality checks on incoming items
• Familiarity with operating and maintaining warehouse equipment and vehicles such as forklifts


• Quality control• Stocking• Inventory management
• Order pulling• Space optimization• Storage handling
• Sorting• Records management• Maintenance work
• Loss/damage control• Procurement• Reporting

• Introduced the concept of installing pallets in the merchandize checking area which reduced labeling and checking time by 50%, due to not having to unload and reload merchandise every time
• Saved the company $10,000 in adding additional storage space by reorganizing existing space to accommodate more items
• Revamped the order pulling process by introducing a voice activated system that provided real time information of the needed item
• Reduced paperwork by 66% by converting the reporting process from paper to electronic


Stocker | Wrigley Field, Bismarck, ND | 6/2013 – Present

• Assist in unloading delivery trucks and compare work orders to ensure that the right quantity of items has been received
• Make arrangements for received goods to be transported to the examination pallet
• Examine each item in each box to ensure that it conforms to quality standards
• Label each box and item according to batch and item number
• Arrange for all received items to be unpacked and transported to designated storage areas
• Ascertain that sufficient storage space is available by rearranging existing items
• Place items in designated shelves and ensure that shelves are labeled properly
• Operate forklifts and jack pallets to assist in transporting items
• Take orders for pulling items and drive forklifts to storage areas where items are located
• Pull orders according to work orders and transport them to delivery pallets
• Check each item to ensure conformance with standards and work orders
• Prepare items to be delivered to the front end or the customer
• Physically carry items or push carts to the store and assist in stocking shelves
• Create reports of all stocking and pulling activity

Warehouse Intern | Adecco, Bismarck, ND | 3/2011 – 6/2013

• Assisted in unloading goods from delivery trucks and transporting them to examination pallets
• Opened each box to ensure the correct number of items are present
• Checked each individual item to ensure that there is no damage and isolated any damaged goods for return
• Handled labeling and order pulling duties and ensured that the right order has been pulled by comparing with work orders
• Transported items to the front end (store area) and placed them in shelves according to specific instructions provided for each item

Diploma: Bismarck High School, Bismarck, ND | 2008