Warehouse Stocker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on November 25, 2015

Are you aware of the fact that hiring managers can tell if a candidate has spent enough time to write a cover letter? Seasoned recruiters know how much time an individual has bothered to give to this very important document and if you haven’t bothered to, it will show up. So time is the key contributor here. Do not believe that a good cover letter can be written in fifteen minutes flat!

Coming to the actual cover letter for a warehouse stocker resume, you need to keep one thing in mind i.e. quality counts. Employers do not like reading the same thing over and over again which is why a perfectly well written cover letter, may find itself being dumped. Not because it was badly written but because it had nothing new to say. And this is why it is important not to copy samples that you find online. Instead, take ideas from them to create your own spin offs. This way, you will be writing a cover letter that is unique and yet runs on a tried and tested formula.

There is nothing worse than a cover letter that has been copied from the web. It is distasteful and fraudulent. Yes, that is how employers think of it. So be good and be original and take a peek at this cover letter sample for a warehouse stocker position:


Warehouse Stocker Cover Letter Sample


32 Some Street
Bismarck, ND 21020

November 25, 2015

Ms. Hermione Jacobson
Manager Human Resource
Lineage Logistics
801 Trenton Road
Bismarck, ND 28642


Dear Ms. Jacobson:

For most people, working in a warehouse is mundane. But for me, it holds the excitement like only a true artist can feel at creating a masterpiece. And there is no exaggeration to this claim. For me, working as a warehouse stocker means endless learning and constant contribution. Both these should interest you as “Lineage Logistics is all about its employees and what they can gain and provide”, as your website claims.

Keeping this in mind, I would like to focus on my following achievements:

• Introduced the “four solutions picking system” to the company which decreased order pulling time by 72%
• Trained 23 order pullers in using electronic order picking devices which increased order pulling efficiency by 60%
• Implemented an effective paperless reporting system which significantly reduced the time it took to create and submit warehouse stocking reports

If you look closely at my resume, you will see a close parity between your requirements and my qualifications. I will contact you next week to decide on a mutually convenient day and time to meet. Until then, please feel free to contact me at (999) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Thomas Cruise

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