Auto Detailer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 30, 2015

Position Overview

Auto detailers are employed by showrooms and automobile garages. Their work involves ensuring that the inside and the outside of each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and maintained. To be able to do this, they need to be knowledgeable about maintenance procedures particular to vehicles.

Since auto detailers are hired at an entry level position, they are often taught the tricks of the trade while they work. This includes training in what products to use while cleaning vehicles and how to use them safely so that there are no damages. Auto detailers who have had some experience in handling this work are often handed the responsibility of performing engine maintenance work.


To work as an auto detailer, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. If you have worked with cars in the past, you will probably be given preference over other candidates. You will also need to be physically agile – auto detailers usually work long hours, spending most of these hours on their feet. For most people, working as an auto detailer is a great experience, especially those who want to work in car dealership at a later stage in their careers.

If this is the job that you are interested in, you may look through the following duties of an auto detailer:

Sample Job Description for Auto Detailer Resume

• Assess the vehicles that come into the showroom for detailing work done on them
• Create a mental list of maintenance work that needs to be done on them
• Provide a physical list of cleaning and maintenance work that the vehicle needs to the client
• Choose chemicals and cleaning solutions most apt for the kind of cleaning work to be done
• Mix chemicals and other ingredients in appropriate quantities and ensure that each process in carried out keeping in mind safety and health protocols
• Wash exterior of vehicles using soap mixture, sponges and cloths
• Use brushes to clean tires, rims and mud flabs
• Dry exterior by wiping with clean drying cloth or blotting sheets
• Apply wax to vehicle body and wipe and buff surface to give it a shine
• Vacuum interior of the vehicle using industry sized or hand vacuum cleaners, depending on the size of the vehicle
• Remove loose dirt and debris by hand (that which cannot be removed using vacuum cleaners)
• Clean upholstery, rugs and dashboards using cloth and shiners
• Assist in paining or touching up the body after minor denting jobs