Inventory Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 30, 2015

It is imperative to understand the essence of an interview if you want to convert yourself from a candidate to an employee. Some tips for you:

• Prepare at home. Make sure that you read the job description several times and understand what your role will be if hired
• Go through the company website to learn about its culture and mission
• Ensure that you are actually well qualified enough to meet the demands of the interviewer / employer
• Prepare a few questions of your own to ask, if you are given the chance

Sometime, asking questions at the end of the interview is a great way of telling the interviewer that you are proactive. But be careful. Do not ask offending questions. A list of what not to ask is given below:

• Do not ask how many positions are open for the role you are being interviewed for.
• Never ask how much salary you will be paid if you are hired.
• It is rude to ask personal questions about the interviewer. Their life (professional or personal) is not your business.

And do not ramble. No one likes a rambler. Whenever you are posed with a question, provide a short answer. No need to go into the once upon a time mode.

Here are some questions that you may be asked (if you apply for an inventory specialist position) during an interview:

Inventory Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Why is inventory management so important?
Inventory management is important so that the influx of supplies and equipment can be handled according to the company’s requirements. It is also imperative to ensure that inventories are handled properly so that everything within an organization is accounted for.

As an inventory specialist, what are your specific duties?
Working as an inventory specialist, I am required to develop and implement an overall inventory management plan which includes materials procurement, inventory stock levels, and facility needs and personnel management. Additionally, I am required to provide direction to staff members who handle inventory control and make sure any overstocking or shortages are handled in a time efficient manner.

Why is procurement considered such an important part of inventory control?
Procurement is the backbone of inventory management. Inventory specialists have to create and maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers, and customers to ensure that supplies are obtained in a timely manner and that there are no shortages when the need arises.

What skills make you great at what you do as an inventory specialist?
I am a stickler for perfection and organization. In addition to this, I possess great leadership qualities which make it easy for me to direct personnel to do their job properly. Possessing knowledge of accounting procedures makes it easy for me to manage related bookkeeping and budget management tasks.