Medical Scribe Resume Profile / Summary

Updated on: October 2, 2018

A Medical Scribe resume that does not begin excitingly will not leave a positive mark on the hiring manager. One that hooks the reader from the very beginning is more likely to be successful. How a resume begins is what makes all the difference. Profiles and summaries play an essential part in hooking readers so that the rest of the resume is not ignored.

Writing a resume profile or summary is indeed not rocket science, but it can seem a bit overwhelming to write. When you write one, your concentration should be on what the hiring manager is looking for in an individual that he or she wants to hire.

This will give you a good idea about what you can write in summary. Concentrate on your skills and competencies as they are useful to the hiring manager. Creating a match between your abilities, and those that the hiring manager is looking for is what will help you write a great resume profile. Remember that each part of the resume sells an individual’s specific capacity, and the resume summary does the same. And it is up to you to make sure that you highlight what you are capable of doing.

Some examples of a resume profile/summary for a medical scribe position are provided below:

Medical Scribe Resume Profile / Summary Examples

• Resourceful, competent, and organized Medical Scribe with over five years’ successful track record. Proficient in using and maintaining electronic health records systems to ensure documentation of patients’ procedures and treatments.

• Top-performing Medical Scribe with 12+ years of hands-on experience in accurately documenting history, physical examination, and medication information in predefined systems. Deeply familiar with transcribing dictated information from providers into medical records systems.

• Medical scribe boasting 3+ years’ experience working alongside physicians to document patients’ present illnesses, family and social history, review of systems, and physical exams as dictated by the provider.

• Diligent, hardworking, resourceful, and competent individual, with extensive experience in obtaining information regarding provided and prescribed treatments, and entering it into the system in a proper manner, according to set protocols, along with scheduling diagnosis and procedures.

• Uniquely qualified medical scribe with extensive exposure to handling a wide variety of support work, including reviewing medical documentation for accuracy and completion, completing medical charts by transcribing results, recording diagnosis, handling patient discharge, and managing prescriptions and follow-up following physicians’ instructions.

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