Cable Installer Skills for Resume

Updated on: June 20, 2017

Employment of a cable installer depends on their skills and abilities. The future of all industries is based on how skilled its workforce is. Work landscapes are changing drastically and the need to identify key work skills needed in the next few years is high. Since a resume is the prime document that communicates an individual’s skills to an employer, it is necessary to write them down in a dedicated section.

Integrity, initiative, dependability, adaptability and professionalism largely make up an individual’s personal skills. If you are looking for people skills, you might thing along teamwork, communication and respect. All these can be eloquently discussed in a resume to make a prospective employer see that you can plan well, make good decisions, understand business fundamentals, are customer-focused and possess critical thinking skills. To be able to adapt to a company culture and fit into in, you need to be able to think like them. This will take you one notch above the others who do not think along these lines.

One skill that almost all employers love to see on an applicant’s resume is the ability to use logical approach to analyze situations and draw conclusions in addition to critical thinking abilities. If you are someone who is comfortable working with tools and technology, you have a better chance of gaining an interview. Put all these in a resume and your success is guaranteed.

And this is how you can create a cable installer skills list:

Sample Skills for Cable Installer Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in installing faceplates, jacks, cables, fire stopping systems and pathways

• Highly experienced in installing RJ connectors, 110 style jacks, coaxial cables and fiber optic connectors

• Documented success in testing and calibrating copper and fiber optic cables to ensure conformance to industry standards

• Special talent for installing paging systems and removing and demolishing abandoned cables

• Competent in handling new cable installation, termination and pulling activities according to set protocols and procedures

• Qualified to handle antenna installations and operating and maintaining equipment used for testing purposes

• Deeply familiar with all safety requirements and protocols required to handle cable installation and maintenance work

• Skilled in handling physical labor required to install and maintain voice, data and video cables

• Familiar with inspecting installation sites to determine best line placement

• Proven record of efficiently testing all installed components to ensure that are in proper working condition

• Dependable, with the ability to test existing systems to ensure that they are working properly and troubleshoot any issues that may keep the cable system from running properly