Forklift Driver Resume Sample, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: June 18, 2023

Working primarily in a warehouse capacity, forklift drivers perform many tasks by operating forklifts.

On a typical workday, they load and unload materials onto pallets. This position demands extraordinary vigilance and alertness.

It is their responsibility to make sure that they deliver materials in a safe and time-efficient manner, which is why many employers insist that forklift drivers obtain forklift certification before hiring them.

Forklift drivers work closely with order pullers to perform their job; they accompany order pullers and assist them by loading heavy materials onto their forklifts and delivering them to the shipment pallet.

There is no formal education requirement for the position of a forklift driver, although some employers require high school diplomas at the very least. 

An essential prerequisite for this position is a license to operate a forklift. To become eligible for the position of forklift driver, you need to pass a test to get licensed. During training, you will be provided with instructions on using levers on a forklift and understanding the controls.

The key to building a winning forklift driver resume is to customize your resume as per the employer’s requirements.

The following resume sample for the forklift driver position will provide you with a clear idea of how to build your own resume.

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Forklift Driver Resume Example

Thomas Green

Syracuse, NY 56334
☏ (003) 666-2501

Forklift Driver

I am a motivated individual who is poised to provide exceptional forklift service.

High-energy forklift driver with 7 years of hands-on experience in safely and efficiently loading and unloading merchandise in diverse and fast-paced warehouse settings. Skilled in pallet building, inventory management, and merchandise relocation. Exceptional eye-hand coordination. Works well collaboratively without direct supervision.

• Current NY State Fork Lift Certification
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Adept at forklift equipment maintenance
• Able to take and follow instructions accurately
• Excellent communication skills


Forklift Driver
Sure Winner Foods, Syracuse, NY
Dec 2014 – Present
• Drive and operate different kinds of forklifts
• Build, store, and displace pallets of merchandise
• Perform goods loading and unloading tasks on the platform
• Maintain displaced merchandise inventory
• Coordinate effectively with truck drivers and shipment providers on a daily basis
• Scan and pallet-pack products before moving and relocating as per instructions
• Maintain forklift equipment in operational and updated condition at all times

Selected Accomplishments
• Trained 10 new forklift operators in fork lifting operation, driving, and maintenance
• Implemented a unique system of pre and post-fork lifting inspections to ensure damage-free movement of all merchandise

Warehouse Aide
Americold, Syracuse, NY
Oct 2011 – Dec 2014
• Stacked all goods in designated places safely
• Built pallets and moved all merchandise timely when and where required
• Loaded and unloaded shipments in huge amounts
• Successfully completed the company’s annual forklift operation training

G.E.D | City High School, Syracuse, NY

Forklift Driver Job Description for Resume

  • Inspect the forklift to ensure that it is in proper working order before each shift.
  • Operate forklifts to check levers and controls at the beginning of each shift.
  • Perform maintenance on forklifts on a regular basis to ensure correct working order.
  • Ensure that forklifts have sufficient fuel each day.
  • Confer with supervisors and order pullers to comprehend daily work tasks.
  • Accompany order pullers to storage areas and assist them in locating ordered items.
  • Calculate how to operate a forklift by keeping in mind the position of the item to be picked.
  • Load items from storage areas and stack them neatly on the forklift by keeping weight limitations in check.
  • Drive forklifts to designated parking areas and unload items.
  • Reload packed items onto forklifts and drive them to the shipment or delivery pallets.
  • Unload items on the shipping or delivery pallets by following safety protocols.
  • Ensure item accuracy by referring to pulling orders and batch numbers.
  • Work with order pullers to ensure that the correct quantity of items has been picked and delivered.
  • Report any damaged items (or those damaged during the delivery procedure) to supervisors.
  • Keep appropriate records of inventory of items.
  • Ensure that items delivered to the shipment pallet are neatly stacked in the delivery vehicle.
  • Provide delivery truck drivers with item information and give safety instructions.

Forklift Driver Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Merchandise moving, locating, relocating, stacking, and counting
  • Counterbalance and 3-wheel counterbalance forklift
  • Orders picking and transporting
  • Appropriate use of controls
  • Products examination
  • Work order conformance
  • Quality standards
  • Forklift maintenance
  • Safe stacking
  • Reach forklifts

Soft Skills

  • Physical Dexterity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • .Customer service