Forklift Operator Resume Sample

The resume writing world is a complex one. What is right and what isn’t is relative.

So even though you know that what you have written in your Forklift Operator resume is correct, it may not be deemed that way by a prospective employer, who is looking your resume from a different angle.

But this does not mean that your resume is all wrong.

It just means that you need to do a little more research before you attempt writing your resume.

And this research will include what the employer is specifically looking for and how you can make sure that your resume presents information that is in accordance to what he or she requires.



Forklift Operator Resume Example



Hugh Flynn

579 Fox Hill Drive ● Jeffersonville, VT 05658 ● (000) 124-2410 ● highflynn @ email . com


Top-performing Forklift Operator with 14 years’ extensive experience in operating forklifts and pallet jacks to move, locate and stack merchandise in a warehouse environment. Highly skilled in safely and efficiently operating forklifts and pallet jacks, by following operational instructions accurately. Demonstrated ability to move shipments to storage locations and efficiently stack merchandise to minimize risk of damage. An accomplished individual who picks orders according to instructions and ensures that they are safely delivered to the delivery pallet.


• Order Pulling • Workplace Safety • Inventory Management
• Process Improvement • Storage Solutions • Pallet Maintenance
• Load Security • Packing and Labeling • Stock Control
• Safety Procedures • Merchandise Movement • OSHA Standards


Forklift Operator
AMERICOLD, Jeffersonville, VT                                        (12/2012 to Present)

• Improve merchandise storage methods by implementing a dedicated indexing solution.
• Decrease risk of damage to pulled products by suggesting installation of a harnessing component to the forklift.
• Train 13 new order pullers in understanding work orders and pulling items according to set instructions.
• Inspect forklifts at the beginning of each shift to ensure that they are in good working order.
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on forklifts to ensure continuous operations.
• Operate forklift by using controls and drive it to designated areas within the warehouse.
• Check order sheets to determine which items to pull and provide support to order pullers in locating them.
• Oversee the work of order pullers to ensure that they correctly compare work orders with pulled items.

Forklift Operator
ATC LLC, Jeffersonville, VT                                    (5/2006 to 12/2012)

• Reorganized the inventory management system, thereby reducing out of stock instances by 91%.
• Performed maintenance on forklifts to ensure continuous operations.
• Efficiently handled inventory by guaranteeing tight inventory control and security.
• Restacked items on forklifts and ensured that they are delivered to the delivery pallet in a timely manner.
• Assisted in loading and unloading item to and from trucks.
• Pulled orders from storage areas and ensured that they are properly stacked on the forklift.
• Moved items from the storage area to the examination area in a safe manner.
• Ensure that merchandise is safely stacked before being hauled away or taken to be stored.

Warehouse Worker
TECHNOBLOC, Jeffersonville, VT (1/2002 to 5/2006)

• Assisted in locating items by matching batch and product numbers.
• Pulled orders from storage areas and ensured that they conformed to the order sheet.
• Directed forklift operators to the storage section where an order needs to be picked.
• Provided assistance in packing and labeling pulled items.
• Loaded and correctly and safely stacked items and boxes in delivery trucks.


Vermont Forklift Certification

High School Diploma

• NetSuite’s inventory
• Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
• MS Word and Excel

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