3 Forklift Operator Resume Samples

Updated on: July 10, 2023

The best way to make an effective forklift operator resume is to customize it as per the needs of the prospective employer. Through this, you will be able to effectively write a resume that the employer will want to read.

See the 3 excellent forklift operator resume examples below to get more ideas on how to write a resume that will bring more interviews.

Forklift Operator Resume Sample 1
(15 Years Experience)

Hugh Flynn
579 Fox Hill Drive, Jeffersonville, VT 05658
(000) 124-2410
highflynn @ email . com


Dexterous Forklift Operator with 15+ years of extensive warehouse, stocking, forklift, pallet jack, and general labor experience. Highly skilled in safely handling equipment by following operational instructions to minimize the risk of damage. An accomplished individual who works well in a team-oriented busy warehouse setting. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Order Pulling • Workplace Safety
• Inventory Management • Process Improvement
• Storage Solutions • Pallet Maintenance
• Load Security • Packing and Labeling
• Stock Control • Safety Procedures
• Merchandise Movement • OSHA

Vermont Forklift Certification


Forklift Operator
Americold, Jeffersonville, VT 
• Improve merchandise storage methods by implementing a dedicated indexing solution.
• Decrease the risk of damage by 80% by suggesting the installation of a harnessing component to the forklift.
• Train 13 new order pullers in understanding work orders and pulling items according to set instructions.
• Inspect forklifts at the beginning of each shift to ensure that they are in good working order.
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on forklifts to ensure continuous operations.
• Operate forklift by using controls and drive it to designated areas within the warehouse.
• Check order sheets to determine which items to pull and provide support to order pullers in locating them.
• Oversee the work of order pullers to ensure that they correctly compare work orders with pulled items.

Forklift Driver
ATC LLC, Jeffersonville, VT
• Reorganized the inventory management system, thereby reducing out-of-stock instances by 91%.
• Performed maintenance on forklifts to ensure continuous operations.
• Efficiently handled inventory by guaranteeing tight inventory control and security.
• Restacked items on forklifts and ensured that they are delivered to the delivery pallet in a timely manner.
• Assisted in loading and unloading items to and from trucks.
• Pulled orders from storage areas and ensured that they were properly stacked on the forklift.

Warehouse Worker
TECHNOBLOC, Jeffersonville, VT
• Assisted in locating items by matching batch and product numbers.
• Pulled orders from storage areas and ensured that they conformed to the order sheet.
• Directed forklift operators to the storage section where an order needs to be picked.
• Provided assistance in packing and labeling pulled items.
• Loaded and correctly and safely stacked items and boxes in delivery trucks.

High School Diploma
ABC High School, Jeffersonville, VT

• NetSuite’s inventory
• Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
• MS Word and Excel

Certified Forklift Operator Resume Sample 2
(10+ Years Experience)

Shawn Wagner
7 Roosevelt Road, Portales, NM 79000
(000) 145-8585
shawnwag @ email . com


Dexterous and hardworking forklift operator with 11+ years’ extensive experience in operating counterbalance forklifts and reach trucks to efficiently move, locate, relocate, and count merchandise. A meticulous individual who ensures safe and efficient operations of forklifts by following a strict code of operations. Deeply familiar with order-picking activities, while placing special focus on the accuracy of order in terms of type and quantity.

• Order Picking • Shipping and Receiving
• Quality Assurance • Inventory Management
• Pneumatic Operations • Manual Pallet Jacks
• Stock Control • Equipment Maintenance
• Packing and Labeling • Storage Solutions
• Load Management • Rack Systems Organization


Certified Forklift Operator
DS Services, Portales, NM
• Introduced pneumatic forklifts, making the process of order picking less challenging and time taking.
• Arranged for extra storage space to be created within the same storage area by suggesting a unique merchandise stacking system.
• Studied work orders and determine the location of orders to be picked within the storage area
• Operated forklifts to handle merchandise picking and transporting duties
• Pulled and assembled customers’ orders by hand or by using appropriate technology such as forklifts or pallet jacks
• Handled merchandise labeling and packing duties by following designated company procedures
• Received and unloaded shipments from trucks, categorize them, and ensure that they are properly and safely stored

Forklift Operator
Some Company, Portales, NM
• Implemented a quality assurance procedure, decreasing incidents of returns, and complaints.
• Devised a dynamic labeling system that increased labeling efficiency by 58%
• Stacked skids and pallets in a designated area along with efficiently disposing of scrap bracing
• Performed shipment and receiving duties aimed at smoothing operations
• Performed periodic maintenance on pallet jacks and forklifts
• Reported any repair needs to the supervisor
• Assisted in creating paperwork for all outgoing shipments and ensured that they are sent with each packed item
• Maintained inventory of received items and monitor inventory of warehouse supplies

Order Picker
Winebow, Portales, NM
• Located and picked orders defined in the work order within designated areas of the warehouse
• Matched batch and item numbers with work order information to ensure accuracy
• Transported picked items from storage areas to packing areas in a safe manner
• Packed and labeled items according to predefined instructions and ensured that they were transported to the delivery pallet
• Assisted in loading items onto delivery trucks and arranging them in a safe manner

OSHA Certified Forklift Operator
OSHA Training Institute, Portales, NM

High School Diploma
St. George’s High School, Portales, NM – 2003

Forklift Operator Resume Sample 3
(5+ Years Experience)

Walter Anderson
889 S 2nd Street, Monroe, LA 71252
(000) 125-8545
walt.and @ email . com

Disciplined, upbeat, goal-oriented, and hardworking – the talented warehouse professional.

Dependable forklift operator with 7+ years’ progressively responsible experience in operating and maintaining a wide variety of forklifts such as IC cushion tire forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, and electric walkies. Effectively handles order pulling and preparing work within large warehouse environments. A team player who is adept at interacting with dispatchers to determine work orders and locate requested items within the warehouse.

• Storage Solutions • Packing and Labeling
• Efficient Stacking • Inventory Maintenance
• Pre and Post Inspections • Troubleshooting
• Workplace Safety • Load Security
• Equipment Maintenance • Racking Systems Management
• Hazardous Waste Management • Materials Transportation

• Created additional storage space within the original storage area through the efficient stacking of items.
• Implemented a dynamic labeling system that decreased labeling errors by 60%.
• Devised a waste disposal system deemed 85% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Introduced the narrow-aisle lift forklift to the company, making it easy to pick up orders from hard-to-reach places in narrow storage places.


Forklift Operator
ABC Company, Monroe, LA                                 
Mar 2020 – Present
• Operate assigned forklift to handle order pulling and stacking duties.
• Ensure that assigned forklifts are in proper working orders
• Pick orders and transport them to packing areas and assist in handling packing and labeling duties.
• Match order numbers to picked orders to ensure the accuracy of orders and correct any problems immediately.
• Receive incoming shipments and ensure that all items are properly and safely stacked in storage areas.
• Create additional space by ensuring that all stacks are properly stacked to minimize storage issues.

Forklift Operator
ABC Company, Monroe, LA                                  
Sep 2017 – Mar 2020
• Performed regular and preventative maintenance on assigned forklifts and pallet jacks.
• Efficiently completed inventory audits and ensured that inventory levels are kept at the optimum.
• Maintained a clean, safe, and positive work environment by implementing safety measures and providing education to warehouse workers.
• Assisted in loading and unloading items to and from delivery trucks.
• Performed paperwork for each outgoing shipment and ensured that documents are sent with outgoing shipments.

Forklift Training
Louisiana Lift and Equipment Incorporated

Louisiana Forklift Certification – Current

Diploma: St. Peter’s High School, Monroe, LA

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