Forklift Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 8, 2021

Your cover letter standards and those of a prospective employer may not be the same. In fact, they are almost never the same.

You may think that a particular type of cover letter is the best type, but it is not a necessity that it will be considered the best by an employer who has a different requirement. What does one do? One meets in the middle.

A cover letter is not about you – it is about what you can do for the employer. Your contribution means something to a hiring manager who has been looking for the right person to hire for a long time and has stumbled upon yours after a lot of effort.

Make it worth his while by giving him what he is looking for. Your cover letter should be full of useful information that will target the employer’s advanced and basic needs.

So if a prospective employer is looking for a well-organized individual, make sure that you highlight that you are both efficient and disciplined. Find out what it is that the employer is looking for by reading the advertisement that he has posted, and thoroughly go through the corresponding job description.

And you should be able to come up with a cover letter such as this one:

Forklift Driver Cover Letter Example

Davis Hall
48 Northside Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76889
(000) 333.2514

February 8, 2021

Mr. Kyle Longman
Hiring Manager
West Rock Inc.
8837 99th Street
New York, NY 44585

Dear Mr. Longman:

I would like to apply for the forklift driver position at Wright Foods because my professional profile dramatically complements your needs.

My following qualifications will help me contribute to your bottom-line:

  • Certified forklift operator with current forklift driver’s license.
  • Expert in preventive maintenance of forklift equipment.
  • Highly experienced in moving merchandise from receiving docks to selling floors, ensuring that each item is secure and within conformity standards.
  • Exceptionally talented at performing both preventative and regular maintenance on forklifts and other merchandise moving equipment, to ensure workplace safety and continuity of operations.

With over six years of experience of working as a forklift driver in different capacities, I am sure that my varied exposure will be of great use to you. Let me elaborate on this in a personal meeting. My digits are (000) 752-5487.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Davis Hall