Cocktail Waitress Job Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: August 19, 2018

Position Overview

A cocktail waitress is not much different from a regular waitress. The only addition is that a cocktail waitress serves cocktails in bars and restaurants.

They take orders from customers and serve beverages along with performing the usual duties of a waitress like cleaning tables, ringing up totals and verifying information to ensure that customers are old enough to drink.

Position Requirements

While a cocktail waitress needs to possess just a high school diploma as a qualification for this job, some establishments require that they take alcohol awareness classes. No other training is needed for this job even though some places may want to hire people with previous experience in a similar capacity.

Take a look at some of the duties that a cocktail waitress is required to perform.


Cocktail Waitress Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet patrons as they enter an establishment.

• Prepare and serve drinks as ordered.

• Prepare station for readiness.

• Serve food and alcoholic beverages.

• Set tables and answer questions regarding menu selections.

• Check with customers to ensure satisfaction.

• Remove dishes and glasses from tables.

• Stock service areas as instructed.

• Clean tables and counters.

• Monitor and observer customer dining experience.

• Thank customers for their visit and invite again.

• Accept payment and deposit to the cash counter.

• Deliver receipt and change to the customer.


The term cocktail waitress is cliched in the sense that it is referenced to someone who offers cocktails only while in actuality it requires a person to do so much more.