Top 5 Qualities of Being a Good Waiter

Updated on: March 8, 2022

Restaurants and food service establishments are judged by the services that customers are provided with.

Since waiters are usually the first point of contact for customers, they must exhibit both professionalism and an air of competence.

Customers’ expectations from waiting staff have become very high in recent years.

That is to say, customers look for complete comfort and exceptional service when they dine out.

Therefore, it is up to waiters to make sure that they receive what they expect.

So what qualities make a waiter good?

There are many.

From coming in early to work to offering services beyond the call of duty and everything in-between, everything is important.

Downsizing is quite the norm in these days of global economic crises. Restaurants are selective when hiring staff, especially waiters, as they are in direct contact with customers.

When hiring waiters, restaurant owners look for many qualities. Just knowing how to take orders and serve food is not enough.

Customers now look for more personalized services from restaurants, and it is all up to waiters to meet these expectations.

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Top 5 Qualities of a Good Waiter

1. Punctuality

That is probably one of the most important qualities of being an excellent waiter. Neither restaurant management nor customers appreciate latecomers, so it is imperative to reach work earlier than the time that your shift begins.

2. Preparation

Imagine a customer who is ready to give an order only to be delayed by a waiter who has forgotten his ordering pad or pen – or both. This will reflect poorly on the restaurant and will put the customer off. Preparation before the time, customers are expected to arrive is the key to excellent customer service.

3. Knowledge of Menu

Knowing the menu inside out can impress customers. A customer may ask you what a specific menu item includes regarding ingredients, or you may be asked to reflect on what a good choice of the food item is for someone who doesn’t like too much spice. In either case, you should be able to suggest possible items off the top of your head.

4. Personal Presentation

Since waiters are the face of a restaurant, they need to be dressed properly. Unclean, wrinkled or stained uniform, visible tattoos, and five o’clock shadows can be a complete turn-off for customers who want to eat good food in a clean environment. So you should be able to maintain yourself properly.

5. Power of Suggestion

Restaurants bank heavily on up-sales. Waiters are trained to suggest additional items to the customers, such as specialty drinks and appetizers. Without sounding too obvious, it is vital for writers to be able to grasp opportunities to entice customers to give further orders from the menu.

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