Burger King Job Description Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2023
Position Overview

If the fast-food industry interests you, you may consider working as a crew member for Burger King. A crew member’s position at Burger King is fun rather than a typical job.

A crew member at Burger King is expected to perform a multitude of food and customer service duties.

Crew members are the face of the brand as they provide the initial and often the only contact with customers.

They greet customers as they approach the counter, ask them for their food order preferences, communicate the order to the kitchen and ensure that the customers’ order is provided to them in an accurate and time-efficient manner.

Position Requirements

The essential requirement of a crew member position at Burger King is to smile!

As crew members are considered to be “an extension of our product” and “part of our packaging” by the company, it is crucial that they know just how to portray the company’s image – and nothing better than a smile, a greeting and excellent services to do the job!

There are no formal requirements to work as a crew member at Burger King, and you can apply for this position if you like working in the food service industry.

While working as a crew member, team member, or cashier for Burger King, you will be expected to perform some or all of the following duties:

Burger King Team Member Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers and guests as they approach the food service counter.

• Take and punch orders in the computer database.

• Inform customers of regular deals or daily specials.

• Provide information on menu items.

• Up-sell products by providing auxiliary food items information.

• Operate cash register and take payments.

• Process credit card payments.

• Accurately count change before returning to the customer.

• Clean counters and work areas.

• Stock work areas with ketchup, sauces, napkins, and paper plates.

• Relay customers’ orders to the kitchen and help prepare the order.

• Pack customers’ orders and hand them to the customer.

• Bid customers with a farewell greeting.

• Receive inventory and move food products to designated areas.

• Transfer supplies between storage areas and the kitchen.

• Ensure that all food wrapping procedures are carried out safely.