Catering Waiter Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: July 25, 2023

A catering waiter is hired by restaurants where their primary job is to make sure that all the logistics of catering and food service are appropriately handled.

These individuals make sure that catering managers are assisted with their work, and that the logistics of setting up and breaking down buffet tables are correctly handled.

In many instances, cater waiters are expected to work outside restaurants – birthday parties, weddings, and other such events require the services of cater waiters.

Writing a resume for a Catering Waiter position requires highlighting your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft an effective resume for a Catering Waiter:

  1. Contact Information: Begin by including your full name, phone number, email address, and location. This helps the employer easily reach out to you.
  2. Summary Statement: Write a concise summary statement that highlights your career goals and expresses your interest in the Catering Waiter position. Make sure to tailor it to the needs of the employer.
  3. Core Competencies: Mention your skills such as customer service skills, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, knowledge of food safety regulations, excellent communication, attention to detail, ability to multitask, knowledge of menu items, and proficiency in using POS (Point of Sale) systems.
  4. Work Experience: List your work experience in reverse chronological order. Include the name of the employer, job title, dates of employment, and a description of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Focus on showcasing any catering or hospitality experience, including serving guests, setting up banquet events, and coordinating with kitchen staff.
  5. Education: Provide information about your education history, including the name of the institution, degree earned or in progress, and dates of attendance. If you have completed any relevant coursework or training programs, mention them as well.
  6. Additional Information: If you have any additional relevant information to include, such as volunteering experience at events or any awards or achievements, add them to this section.
  7. References: Optionally, you can include references from previous employers or professors. Make sure to ask for their permission beforehand.
  8. Customization: Tailor your resume to the specific needs of the employer. Highlighting your relevant skills and experience will give you the best chance of landing an interview.
  9. Proofread: Before submitting your resume, carefully proofread it to eliminate any grammatical or formatting errors. Consider having someone else review it as well to provide feedback.

The following catering waiter resume sample will provide you with a basic idea of how to write an interview-winning resume. It will also guide you on how you can write your skills, qualifications, and abilities in your resume.

If you have any experience in the related field, then you have to include your past work experience as a catering waiter.

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Sample Resume for Catering Waiter Position

John Doe
111 Ravine Street
Vaughan, ON
(000) 854-7454

I offer a genuine passion for food and beverage.

Competent, reliable, and diligent Cater Waiter with strong hospitality and buffet management skills attained through 11+ years of devoted work in the hotels and catering sectors. Neat, polished, and well-groomed appearance. Maintain a high level of cleanliness in all dining areas. Organized multitasker with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Serving food and beverages
• Clearing tables promptly
• Loading and unloading merchandise
• Operating light equipment
• Customer service
• Communication
• Food safety regulations
• POS (Point of Sale) systems


Cater Waiter
City Hotel, Vaughan, ON
Jun 2016 – Present
• Set up and break down both buffet and meal functions
• Service customers in a very professional and quick manner
• Maintain inventory and record of products
• Build working relationships with patrons and coworkers
• Utilize the highest level of guest service skills in order to maximize the satisfaction of patrons
• Perform multiple tasks simultaneously
• Meet and exceed production time schedules
• Lift heavy weights while standing for long periods to get the job done

Banquet Server Assistant
Jersey Restaurant, Keego Harbor, MI
May 2007 – Jun 2016
• Ensured the proper set-up of food stations
• Arranged buffets
• Offered bread and beverage service to patrons
• Polished chafing dishes, silverware, glasses, and mirrors
• Arranged tables with proper condiments

Diploma in Hospitality
BTD Hotel, Catering & Institutional Management – 2007

• Attention to detail
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
Ability to multitask,

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Cater Waiter Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greet guests/patrons as they arrive at the facility, and provide them with assistance in finding sitting spots.
  • Provide guests with information on available welcome drinks and take and process their orders.
  • Ensure that guests’ water glasses are filled regularly and that they have access to napkins.
  • Lay tables by arranging the right types of tablecloths, flatware, dishware, and glassware.
  • Set up buffet tables according to specified instructions, ensuring that all dishes are refilled before they run out.
  • Serve both beverages and food items to guests at their tables and inquire into their requirements for additional food items.
  • Ensure that condiments are available at designated stations, and replenish stock as and when required.
  • Break down buffet tables, and ensure that all dishes and flatware is transported back to the kitchen area.
  • Perform cleaning tasks at the end of each catering event, ensuring that everything is properly maintained hygienically.
  • Oversee and manage the inventory of supplies such as condiments, napkins and dishware, and flatware.

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