Cater Waiter Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated December 26, 2021
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Cater Waiter Job Description

A cater waiter or a catering waiter is hired by restaurants where his or her primary job is to make sure that all the logistics of catering and food service are appropriately handled.

These individuals make sure that catering managers are assisted with their work, and that the logistics of setting up and breaking down buffet tables are correctly handled.

In many instances, cater waiters are expected to work outside restaurants – birthday parties, weddings, and other such events require the services of cater waiters.

In such circumstances, it is imperative for cater waiters to understand the logistics of each type of event, and then handle their duties accordingly.

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Some of the primary duties and responsibilities of a person working as a cater waiter include:

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Cater Waiter Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet guests/patrons as they arrive at the facility, and provide them with assistance in finding sitting spots.
• Provide guests with information on available welcome drinks and take and process their orders.
• Ensure that guests’ water glasses are filled regularly and that they have access to napkins.
• Lay tables by arranging the right types of tablecloths, flatware, dishware, and glassware.
• Set up buffet tables according to specified instructions, ensuring that all dishes are refilled before they run out.
• Serve both beverages and food items to guests at their tables and inquire into their requirements for additional food items.
• Ensure that condiments are available at designated stations, and replenish stock as and when required.
• Break down buffet tables, and ensure that all dishes and flatware is transported back to the kitchen area.
• Perform cleaning tasks at the end of each catering event, ensuring that everything is properly maintained hygienically.
• Oversee and manage the inventory of supplies such as condiments, napkins and dishware, and flatware.

Educational Requirement

Mostly, hiring managers require catering waiters to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. But this educational background is not the only thing necessary to work in this position.

Requires Skills

It is vital for people working in this position to know food service work inside out so that they can satisfactorily serve customers.

Experience Requirement

If you have worked as a waiter in any capacity in a previous role, there is a huge possibility that you will be considered an excellent choice for a cater waiter position.

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