Ecommerce Associate Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: July 16, 2021

The digital world is moving so fast that it is often difficult for companies to keep their presence active – especially where competitors are concerned. If you want to streamline the way buying and selling is done on your website, you might need to hire an ecommerce associate to help you.

Ecommerce associates are usually business graduates who have a major in ecommerce to their names. They provide companies with support in researching, identifying, and building ecommerce sales channels, not unlike eBay and Amazon.

Their basic work is to expand sales in both existing and new accounts by introducing additional prices and services, and ensuring that the company’s presence is maintained constantly.

They negotiate with members to obtain operational service levels and favorable pricing and they also serve as a central point of contact for post-order customer experiences.

As an ecommerce associate, you will need to possess strong interpersonal and communication skills along with impeccable attention to detail. You will also need to be proficient in data manipulation, analysis, and basic modeling techniques.

If you have had some exposure to initiating, maintaining, and growing business-to-business relationships, you will be considered a great option to hire. Since this work is deadline-oriented, you will have to make sure that your meticulousness is shown at every stage of the project assigned to you.

Ecommerce Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Handle vendor and product management duties by coordinating new product setups and maintaining existing ones.
• Manage existing vendor relationships and help establish new, workable ones as well.
• Oversee on-site customer shopping experiences through product organization and site management activities.
• Provide support to category development and maintenance efforts by researching competitive landscapes and making pricing and promotions recommendations.
• Serve as the first point of contact for cross-functional relationships.
• Manage monthly marketing calendars to support site merchandising plans.
• Communicate promotional details for online campaigns and enforce web development and creative deadlines.
• Monitor, track, and report on all email and marketing campaigns in a bid to keep the management abreast of activities.
• Develop detailed project plans for each assigned project including path analysis and contingencies.
• Create milestone plans for each individual project and ensure that the management is provided with status updates at each level.
• Ensure that project roadblocks are efficiently cleared by prioritizing project issues and risks and escalating problems (when necessary) to project managers.
• Assist in the forecasting of prices, sales, margins, and inventory by basing research on applicable marketing trends.