Top 10 Jobs for Single Moms

Updated on: October 7, 2022

Being a single mom is difficult as it is. Having to work while you have a child that you need to take care of is quite a burden.

The good news is that there are work options out there meant specifically for single moms.

While there is no evidence to say that single moms cannot work as well as those that have some sort of logistical support for their children, the stress factor does come in. This is especially true when there is little or no help with your children and you have to manage everything on your own.

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Here is some information on the top 10 jobs that are perfect for single moms:

Top 10 Jobs for Single Moms

1. Real Estate

As a real estate agent or broker, you can keep your own hours and still be able to earn enough to put food on the table and save up. You may also work as a freelancer in this field.

2. Sales

While many companies hire salespersons on a full-time basis, some do have the option of working part-time. If your marketing and sales skills are well-placed, you can pick up a job that lets you work a few hours a day, and at your own pace.

3. Medical Transcription

Working as a medical transcript clerk is a great way of earning money while performing challenging work. All you need is good listening and typing skills and you can earn well even if you are working only a few hours a day.

4. Arts and Crafts

If you are one of those people who are highly talented in a craft such as knitting or sewing, you can opt to make aesthetically pleasing pieces of art (or clothes) and sell them online!

5. Teaching

Many single moms opt to work as teachers, even in a full-time capacity, especially if the school that they are working for has a daycare center as well. This is a perfect solution as you will be doing something meaningful and be at peace about your child’s wellbeing at the same time.

6. Graphic Designer

If you are a trained graphic designer but cannot handle a full-time job in an organization, you can offer your services on a project basis. When you work at this arrangement, you actually earn more and can work on a flexible schedule as well.

7. Interior Designer

Your last full-time job as an interior designer may not have given you the satisfaction of working independently, but you can now! As an independent, project-based interior designer, you can let your imagination flow freely while earning good money and keeping your own work hours!

8. Makeup Artist

Most women are great at handling makeup! After all, it is an important part of their daily routine. Why not make it into a career?

9. Fitness Instructor

Many of us are now working tirelessly to better our lives through physical fitness. Why not help others too? As a physical fitness instructor, you get to do what you love doing, and earn well for it!

10. Babysitter/Nanny

You can offer your services as a nanny or a babysitter to earn some extra cash. If you are comfortable with children and can understand and see to their basic requirements such as nutrition, personal hygiene, emotional and cognitive development, and education, you can earn good money working as a part-time babysitter!