Top 10 Jobs for Retirees

Updated on: October 7, 2022

Retirement does not mean that it is the end of the world. As they say – age is but a number.

You do not have to let your age decide if you are fit to work or not. But since many people do retire at the age of 60 (sometimes even earlier), because companies deem them unfit to work any further, it can have a dampening effect on our spirits. It is a common belief that work doesn’t kill a person – retirement does.

In the good news department, retirement is not the end of the world!

If you still have it in you, you should never stop working.

Do you know that consistent work helps keep dementia away?

The more active your brain is, the better your chances of warding off melancholy feelings and depression. As a retiree, you still have a lot left in you that you can show to the world.

There are many jobs that you can do, which will give you something to occupy yourself with and help you earn a living post-retirement.

Here are details of the top 10 jobs that retirees can bank on:

Top 10 Jobs for Retirees

1. Consultancy

Who knows a job or niche more than someone who has done it every day for the last two decades or so? You! Offer your services as a consultant in the area in which you excel. Do it part-time or full-time – that is up to you!

2. Retail Business

Opening a small retail business is not such a difficult thing to do. Even if it is a convenience store or something that you want to sell online, you have a great chance to earn money, while keeping your hours!

3. Tuition

Okay, so you are now over 60 – but you are not over the hill! You can teach – tutor children with difficulties in understanding complex concepts. The best thing about this job is that you can do it right from home!

4. Volunteer Work

If you are an animal lover, you can work as a volunteer (paid or unpaid, depending on your specific understanding of the organization) at an animal shelter. Mixing work with pleasure is an excellent way of whiling away the day.

5. Career Retraining

Many retirees who refuse to accept that their work is done, opt to train to acquire new skills. Depending on what you want to do, you can choose to work at hospitals, libraries, and recreation centers.

6. Tax Preparer

If you are a retired accountant, you can take on part-time or project-based work as a tax preparer, where you will be preparing tax forms and handling complex calculations for your clients.

7. Entrepreneur

If you have a skill, such as the ability to create aesthetically pleasing needlework patterns or have the knack for event management, you can open your firm. You may then sell your work online or establish an online presence for assisting people with their events.

8. Patient Advocate

If you are a people person and are in reasonably good health, you may want to opt to work as a patient advocate. Jobs like these can be emotionally rewarding as you are assisting patients to navigate the daunting world of medical care – something that they are unable to do themselves.

9. Tour Guide

Imagine working as a tour guide, when you have so much inherent pride in your surroundings and what the history of your city stands for! You will be out in the glorious sunshine every day, and you will get to meet new people and make new friends!

10. Driver

Using your car to make little extra cash is never a bad idea. Many companies will hire you so that you can transport passengers to their destinations – for a cut. You will get to be active throughout the day, and earn good money.