Top 5 Engineering Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 7, 2022

An objective is the crowning glory of an engineering resume.

Writing one means that you are sending your resume on the right path.

Not including one means that the resume may lose direction.

The fact that an objective “begins” your resume is enough to want to make sure that it is written in a profound fashion. Objectives can be made into great icebreakers, making it easy for the hiring manager to gauge which way the information is flowing.

If you decide to exclude a resume objective, make sure that you use a summary instead.

The reason why we are placing much emphasis on objectives (and not summaries) here is the fact that they are easy to write.

A few lines of charting out what makes you an excellent candidate for a job is all that you need to have your candidature judged as successful.

Many people argue that their resume which did not boast of an objective got them the job too. It does happen, but do you really want to take the risk?

Many employers may not be expecting to see an objective at the top of a resume. But most do, which is why it is important that you put it in.

After all, how long does it take to write one?

If you have all the information at hand, a good resume objective will not take more than 10 minutes to write.

Here are examples of objectives that can be used on engineering resumes:

Sample Objectives for Engineering Resume

1. Highly effective, hardworking, and dependable Mechanical Engineer, with over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing cost-effective equipment modifications and evaluating theoretical designs, presently looking for a position at Turbine Solutions.

2. Project Engineer with exceptional skills in determining project responsibilities by identifying project phases and elements, seeking a position of similar responsibility at Apache Corp.

3. Seeking an Engineer position at Siemens. Offering expertise in the supervision of environmental remediation system designs, installations, and operations. Excellent troubleshooting and repairing skills with a special focus on project fulfillment.

4. Desire to obtain a position as a Wireless Engineer at Bose. Bringing proficiencies in optimizing existing technologies to enhance performance in challenging usage scenarios, along with exceptional ability to evaluate and optimize protocol-layered design parameters.

5. To obtain a position as a Wireless Engineer at Pickle Wireless Inc. Providing the benefit of deep insight into the designing and execution of novel experiments and tests aimed at assessing system-level performances, along with adeptness at prototype design and evaluation.